Tuesday, February 20, 2024

2024 Statis-Pro Cards Ready - Play Now for Free!

 While still in the heat of our college basketball season and the Value Add Basketball Game, the pitchers and catchers are back in baseball.

We have completed all projected Statis-Pro player baseball cards. You can click here for them in sheet form.

The first sheet is the batters for each team in a suggested batting order. The second is the same for the pitchers.  We keep them in sheet form initially to catch any mistakes, or move the free agents (zFA) if they end up moving to a team. That way we can resort the page as key players are signed or move.

Here are a few screen shots of the line-ups for four of the most popular teams - the Braves, Cubs, Red Sox and Yankees. We are not sure when they will be merged into playing cards, but you can play with the sheets and we have a suggested line-up No. 1 to 9 and positions.

The only item missing is we do not have if batters or pitchers are left-handed for right-handed yet - those are actually the hardest things to dump. However, can play games now, but with no platooning or left-right advantage or you can look up players as you go with the following standard advantages:

Lefty pitcher vs. Lefty batter: 11-13 changed to OUT

Lefty pitcher vs Righty batter: 88 changed to single

Righty pitcher vs Lefty Batter: 88 changed to single

Righty pitcher vs Rightly Batter: 11 changed to OUT

The one addition this year is the team card, now at the top of the list of players, also includes the home run range if a DEEP drive is hit, with the other numbers being caught at the wall for a sacrifice fly with all runners from any base advancing. In scoring a game, a player only gets credit for a sacrifice fly if a runner scores, but we use the term to mean any player on base advances in this context.

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