Monday, July 17, 2023

Statis-Pro Teams Playing Better and Worse Than This Year and Last

We compared our current standings in the AL Statis-Pro season being played in Montana and the NL Statis-Pro season being played in Milwaukee.The table below lists both leagues in alphabetical order - 10 teams in the AL and 11 teams in the NL. Teams in green are playing better in Statis-Pro then their actual record the last two seasons, and teams in red are playing worse in Statis-Pro than the last two season. Most, 12 of 21, are playing almost exactly the same in Statis-Pro as their real standings.

By each team we list what their spot would be in the Statis-Pro playoffs if the season ended today - which looks very close to where the actual MLB playoffs would be today. 

All six NL teams that would make the playoffs if our Statis-Pro season ended today and if the real MLB season ended today. However, Atlanta is the best team in baseball but playing a bit below that level as the No. 3 in the NL so would need to host a 3-game series in Statis-Pro but be one of two teams with a bye in the real season.

The only two differences in playoff teams are in the AL, where Baltimore and Texas would make the real season, while in our Statis-Pro season they would be replaced by Seattle and the New York Yankees - who have Aaron Judge in Statis-Pro but not the real season. However, in the AL the best team Tampa Bay is the same in both Statis-Pro and the real season.

Teams should have a slightly worse records in Statis-Pro because they do not get games against the worst/relegated teams.  In the AL the five relegated teams do not play any games, and in the NL they play a limited schedule. 

One item we find interesting is that as disappointed as the Padres have been this season, so far they are even worst in Statis-Pro.

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