Monday, July 17, 2023

Several Statis-Pro Strategies Result in Marlins-Reds Split

 Fun split between Cincinnati (5-4 win at home) and Miami (4-3, 10 inning win at home) with plenty of speed on the new charts (bases closer together with more steals and extra bases taken) and other Statis-Pro strategy.

First, the Reds have two PB 2-7 starting pitchers and the rest drop off to PB 2-5. That lead to the key moment below.

Hunter Greene's + for starting the season well above projections took him up to a PB 2-7, while last year's best pitcher Sandy Alcantara's - lowered him to a PB 2-7 for an even match-up on the mound.

That led to this key moment as both teams were back to the top of their line-up in the bottom of the 4th, with Jazz Chisholm of the Marlins already having used his AA to steal a base (see the stolen base and runners taking extra base on a hit chart below) and Elly De La Cruz having already stolen two bases. But this time a PB 8 on the cards was not on Alcantara's card, putting the action on De La Cruz card where the 23 you see was a 2-run double to make it 3-1 Cincinnati en route to the 5-4 win.

The fact that Greene's pitched seven innings was also key. The Reds only have two relievers with better than a PB 2-6 card, so by getting them into the 8th the Reds could use them both including Alexis Diaz getting the save in the 5-4 win.

The Reds were left with a PB 2-5 starter in Ashcraft, but because of Green's long start Ashcraft only had to get through three innings. This was also because of gaining another PB 2-6 in Joel Kuhnel from the Astros earlier to leave six PB 2-6 pitchers to pitch the 4th through the 9th which almost was enough as the Reds led 1-0 until the bottom of the 8th. 

Another strategy move that almost worked occurred after Kevin Newman committed his second error in as many games at shortstop. Because he and De La Cruz can play shortstop or third base, we flipped them and it worked initially as De La Cruz CD-4 resulted in a diving stop in the 6th inning that saved a run. However, in the 10th it backfired with Chisholm on 3rd base with the tying run and the Reds leading 3-2. 

This time the L5 - line drive to third base - was to Newman who caught it for an out but with a CD3 could not double the runner off. De La Cruz would have doubled him off to end the game and give the Reds a 3-2 win.  Instead Jorge Soler and  Jesus Sanchez followed with hits and an error by Fraley on the first hit put Soler on third base so he could score on the 2nd single to give the Marlins the split 4-3.

The Marlins slipped one spot to 4th place, one behind the Braves at 20-16, while the Reds remained two games out of 6th place at 21-27. The following is the revised runners advancing chart for the 2023 season.

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