Tuesday, July 4, 2023

Miami Homers off Star Bard for 6-5 Win, Completes Sweep 5-3

 We cursed incredible Rockies reliever with the piece we did yesterday. He came into a 5-5 tie to face the No. 9 hitters in the Marlins line-up.

Bard's PB 2-8 meant he would keep it on his card if 26 of 36 combinations (dice rolls or in our game fast action card range) but the result was a 10 to leave the card on Nick Fortes card.

The random number was the a 25, the only clean home run number of 64 numbers from 11-88.  Fortes home run range is 25-26, but Rockies pitchers turn the highest home run number is change to a fly out, so 25 was the only chance.

If a 27-31 had come up for a deep drive it would have almost certainly been a homer since the subsequent number would have been a homer in 11-77 and only out would have been 78-88. But 25 was the only clear homer.

The surprising Marlins held on for the 6-5 win, then won the nightcap back in Miami 5-3. Every team has now played in our Statis-Pro season except the Washington Nationals.

Below is the picture of the fateful home run flip, followed by both scoresheets.

Game 1: Miami scorecard for 6-5 win at Colorado.

Game 2: Miami wins 5-3 hosting Colorado

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