Sunday, July 30, 2023

Average Statis-Pro Runs/Gm 4.59, Actual MLB 4.61 - ERA Leaders Listed

 The game log of our current NL Statis-Pro season yields the following stats based on our 184 games played this year - all home-and-home 2-game series. We had not compared in a while, but in an amazing comparison, in actual MLB play 14,437 runs have been scored in 3,144 games for a 4.59 runs per game average. In our Statis-Pro games and average of 4.59 runs per game have been scored in our 184 games.

This is satisfying, because of the time we spent calculating updated stolen base and advancing an extra base on a hit charts to match the percent success rate this year with the bases being closer together and bigger.

In chose to play the Dodgers-Giants series Saturday to see all the Dodgers new talent, while holding off on the Mets-Marlins series to see if Verlander is still on the Mets after the trade deadline. Verlander's card has the 7th best ERA in our Statis-Pro seasons at 1.83 of pitchers with at least 14 innings pitched.

In our games the Dodgers destroyed the Giants 7-0 and 8-1, with Julio Urias starting the first game and going seven shut out innings to lower his ERA to 1.33 - moving up to 4th in the league and four spots ahead of teammate Clayton Kershaw who was 6th at 1.69. All four of the Braves starters are in the top 14 pitchers in our Statis-Pro season, but the bullpen has blown some of our games, so the team has the third best record in Statis-Pro while the best record in actual MLB play.

The "record" we list actually includes games in which the pitcher starts and the team gets credit for a 3 games to 0 sweep with a 5-run or more win, or gets a 2 games to 1 win for a closer win, and vice versa on losses. Spencer Strider has been the biggest victim of bad luck with the 8th best ERA at 1.93 but the Braves have gone only 5-7 in his starts due to scoring only 3.0 runs per game (support) and some of those bullpen collapses occuring in his games.

Here are all starting pitchers in our game in order of ERA, but only those with at least 14 innings pitched ranked.

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