Thursday, July 27, 2023

12 Big Statis-Pro Card Moves Via Trade & 60-day DL

 Here are 12 key cards whose team or status had changed in our Statis-Pro baseball game as the trade deadline approaches.

Winners include:

Los Angeles Angels with two nice pitching pickups in Lucas Giolito and Jorge Lopez, which of course more importantly goes with announcing they will NOT consider trading Ohtani.

Los Angeles Dodgers with two more nice bats who also play key positions in Amed Rosario and Enrique Hernandez. Already our best Statis-Pro team they get even better.

Miami Marlins who upgrade in our game with a PB2-7 Jorge Lopez coming and a not quite as good PB 4-7 Dylan Florio going to the Twins in return - but more important Johnny Cueto coming off 60-day DL.

Milwaukee Brewers, our second best team in the Statis-Pro NL season also had a nice pick-up in 1st baseman Carlos Santana, though in this case to offset an injury to an even stronger hitter.

Losers include:

Cleveland Guardians with the huge loss of Shane Bieber going to 60-day DL, which disqualifies his card from being used unless he comes back. While they picked up Noah Syndergaard in the Dodgers trade, he is only a PB 2-4 and the two batters they gave up to the Dodgers are good Statis-Pro cards. Guardians are the only huge loser of the last few days.

Minnesota Twins had a slight Statis-Pro downgrade in getting Dylan Florio (see Miami above in winners).

Seattle Mariners losing Marco Gonzales to 60-day DL, not huge as he is a PB 2-5, but he was a starter with an SR of 17 who could give them innings.

Washington Nationals with he speedy Victor Robles, whose card was upgraded for improving dramatically this year to lower opposing pitcher's PB by 1 - to take advantage of his AA speed stealing.

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