Tuesday, July 4, 2023

July 4 Statis-Pro Debut in Nationals Park and Coors Field

On July 4, we decided a game in the Nations Capitol - at National Park with the Miami Marlins visiting. Because the Nats are one of our four "relegated" teams from our NL Statis-Pro league this season, we used this opportunity to updated and print out their cards.

In our league the 11 regular teams play each of the other 10 teams in a home-and-home, and then each team plays two of the four relegated teams. We had already printed out and played games against St. Louis and Pittsburgh, so that left the Nats and the Colorado Rockies to be printed and use for the first time.

To walk through the process for pulling up teams for use in the Statis-Pro game, you start by opening the google docs of both the 2023 projected batters and 2023 projected pitchers. You can use the cards as projected for a "what-if" league, but we use this roster sheet to double check the rosters. 

If the player is on that sheet in black font, we just check that the card can be used. If in GREEN, it means he is having a much better year than projected we add a +++ to the card which gives him an advantage on the PB. If red, then a --- means their PB is adjusted one against them. If a player with a "new" by them then we created a new card. Batters have a home run range to build the card around along with their position, speed, position and if they bat or pitch left-handed or switch hit, otherwise assume right-handed.

The fun thing about adding the Rockies for a couple of series is of course we get games in Coors Field where a DEEP drive results in an 11-77 as a home run. This is the best batters park, and much better than the average 11-35. Because Colorado is such a batters park, note that their pitchers do have an adjustment by which the highest home run on an opponents card is changed to a deep fly out caught for a sac fly.

The following are the lists of ballpark home run ranges followed by printed player cards for both teams.


Colorado Batters

Harold Castro (Bat: L)

Nolan Jones (Bat: L)

Ryan McMahon (Bat: L)



Washington Batters

Erasmo Ramírez


Colorado Pitchers

Harold Castro

Alan Trejo

José Ureña



Washington Pitchers

Anthony Banda*

Patrick Corbin*

Carl Edwards Jr.

Kyle Finnegan

MacKenzie Gore*

Josiah Gray

Hobie Harris

Hunter Harvey

Jake Irvin

Chad Kuhl

Andrés Machado

Erasmo Ramírez

Lane Thomas

Mason Thompson

Thaddeus Ward

Jordan Weems

Trevor Williams

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