Sunday, July 16, 2023

Big Statis-Pro Card Trades Before Deadline - Chapman to Texas and Escobar to Angels

With the trade deadline 16 days away, it was not fun as an Astros fan to see Aroldis Chapman mowing down the Guardians for his first save as a Texas Ranger, then Eduardo Escobar deliver two hits to help the Angels rally for a wild 13-12 win against the Astros.

In our Statis-Pro game, those are the two biggest pick-ups as we follow major league trades. We all expect a bunch of trades as the August 1 deadline, but here are the five trades that moved a Statis-Pro card from one team to another already. Three are just average relief pitchers, but Chapman and Escobar have great cards. 

I took a grandson to a Brewers-Royals game and told him to watch Chapman throw well over 100 mph. He already has a GREAT PB 2-8 card in the game that will help the Rangers a lot, but in real play he has been ever better - facing 17 batters in five games and allowing only two to reach while striking out 7 with no walks, and of the 10 who made contact against him two went for hits and the other eight were out. With no runs allowed in the five games for the Rangers, his season ERA is down to 2.10.

Escobar has a great five home run card (24-28 are homers) and while almost all of the Deep drives of 31-33 were caught in the pitchers heaven where the Mets (only home run on 11-13 and fly out on 14-88) many of those are homers in the Angels park (11-54 homer, 55-88 fly out) as shown on our ballpark home run chart. The average is 11-35 homer. In fact, Escobar was not playing up to this projection with the Mets with only four homers after having a bit of decline each year from his monster 2019 when he led the league with 10 triples and added 35 homers.

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Below we listed cards that have either changes teams or that we are not using in our game (we use players on the 40-man roster unless they go on 60-day DL) and players we had out but are now using again because they were on 60-day DL but are no longer. Even if a players has just gone to minor league rehab or moved down to 10-day DL, we start using their card again in the game.

Most injuries occur to pitchers (this a lot of "1" under position) but as you can see the first position player on the list is Boston's Yu Chang would would normally be a shortstop (thus the "6" before the dash) and occasionally 2nd base or 3rd base (thus the 4 and 5 after the dash). We also listed the OPS or ERA of each player card to give an idea on how strong the card in question is, and if they changed teams like the five above, are on the 60-day DL and thus we are not using the card, or "Use Again, Off DL" to note we were not using the card but are now using it again.

We have moved the traded cards on the google doc of the 2023 pitchers and 2023 batters in card form.
Card nowPos    Player                                       Change in card       Card Stats             Update
ARI1Drey Jameson60-dayCard ERA: 4.228-Jul
ATL1Dylan Lee (Pitch: L)60-dayCard ERA: 3.6530-Jun
ATL1Max Fried (Pitch: L)Use Again, off DLCard ERA: 3.585-Jun
ATL1Nick Anderson60-dayCard ERA: 4.4113-Jul
BAL1Mychal Givens60-dayCard ERA: 4.061-Jul
BOS6/45'Yu Chang60-dayCard OPS: 0.70122-Jun
CIN1Joel KuhnelHou via tradeCard ERA: 4.1817-Jun
CIN1Nick Lodolo (Pitch: L)60-dayCard ERA: 3.683-Jun
COL1Antonio Senzatela60-day DLCard ERA: 5.3911-Jun
COL1Ryan Feltner60-dayCard ERA: 5.4529-May
DET1Matthew Boyd (Pitch: L)60-dayCard ERA: 4.2227-Jun
DET1Tyler Alexander (Pitch: L)60-dayCard ERA: 4.264-Jul
DET8/Riley Greene (Bat: L)Use Again, off DLCard OPS: 0.72931-May
KCR1Josh Staumont60-dayCard ERA: 4.1915-Jul
KCR1Josh Taylor (Pitch: L)60-dayCard ERA: 3.654-Jul
KCR3/Vinnie Pasquantino (Bat: L)60-dayCard OPS: 0.82618-Jun
LAA1José Suarez (Pitch: L)60-dayCard ERA: 4.4220-Jun
LAA5/46'Eduardo Escobar (Bat: S)NYM via TradeCard OPS: 0.70924-Jun
LAD1Dustin May60-dayCard ERA: 3.6523-May
LAD87/9Trayce Thompson60-dayCard OPS: 0.74111-Jun
MIA1Trevor Rogers (Pitch: L)60-dayCard ERA: 3.7814-Jun
MIA/8HJonathan Davis60-dayCard OPS: 0.63311-Jul
NYM1Trevor GottSea via TradeCard ERA: 3.914-Jul
NYY1Nestor Cortes (Pitch: L)60-dayCard ERA: 3.968-Jul
OAK1Drew Rucinski60-dayCard ERA: 4.0820-Jun
OAK1Zach Jackson60-dayCard ERA: 3.7721-Jun
PIT1Vince Velasquez60-dayCard ERA: 4.6823-Jun
SDP1Luis GarcíaUse, off DLCard ERA: 3.355-Jun
SDP/2Luis CampusanoUse, off DLCard OPS: 0.6732-Jun
SEA1Penn Murfee60-dayCard ERA: 3.915-Jul
SEA1Robbie Ray (Pitch: L)60-dayCard ERA: 3.7712-Jun
STL78/Tyler O'NeillUse Again, off DLCard OPS: 0.7796-Jul
TB1Robert StephensonPit via tradeCard ERA: 4.122-Jun
Tex1Aroldis Chapman (Pitch: L)KC via tradeCard ERA: 3.4530-Jun
TEX1Jacob deGrom60-dayCard ERA: 2.655-Jun

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