Thursday, July 6, 2023

Nats Embarrassed in Opener 13-6, But Beat Marlins 7-1 in Nightcap

The big news is the next blog posted will be the first update in a while on the Statis-Pro AL season, where the teaser alert is that Tampa has gone on an 8-game winning streak after starting slow in Statis-Pro and red hot in the actual MLB season.

Wrapping up 1 item in the NL Statis-Pro season first ...

The teams we relegate in our Statis-Pro season only play a couple of series against the others. The 11 teams we include play each of the other 10 twice, and then play two of the four relegated teams.

St. Louis, Colorado and Pittsburgh had already played games as relegated teams, but we finally played the Washington Nationals Statis-Pro team for the first time. They were embarrassed in the opener against the Marlins 13-6, but then rallied for a 7-1 win. We will include photos of their scoresheets below, but first here are the updated standings for each of our Statis-Pro teams. 

To the left we list what place each team is in and the games they still need to play to get to the 48-game mark, which is really 8 of their 12 series complete. The Giants and Marlins started late, so the Giants still have four series remaining to get to that mark, while the Marlins still have five series to play and have honestly had an incredibly easy schedule with the last place Padres and already playing both their relegated opponents (Colorado and Washington).

The other nine teams only have one doubleheader left each to get to the 48-game/8 series mark

Getting each team to 8 series (16 games for 48 "games)              Final 4 Series                 
1. LA Dodgers 28-14 - play SFCin, Miami, NY, Phil
2. Miami 16-8- play Atl, Cin, NYM, Phil, SF Chi, LA, Mil,Phil
3. Milwaukee 27-15 - play SFChic, Mia, NY, Phil
4. San Fran 13-11 - play LA, Mil, Mia, SDAZ, Atl, Ci, Was
5. Atlanta 22-20 - MiaAZ, NY, SF, SD
6. Arizona 20-22 - ChCAtl, Cin, SF, Col
Playoff Cut off 
7. Chicago Cubs 20-22 - ArzMia, Phil, SF, StLorPit
8. NY Mets 20-22 - play MiaAtl, LA,Mil, Was
9. Cincinnati 18-24 - play MiaAZ, LA, SD, Col
10. Philadelphia 17-25 - play ColChi, LA, Mil, Col
11. San Diego 16-26 - play SFAtl, Cin, Mil, Was

Relegated Col, Pitt, StL, Wash

Here are the photos of the Nationals-Marlins double header.

Nats 7, Marlins 1 in game 2

Marlins 13, Nats 6 in Game 1

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