Friday, July 28, 2023

6 More Big Statis-Pro Card Moves Due to MLB Trades

 With the August 1, 6 pm trade deadline approaching for MLB teams (no team will be playing at that moment, the first games on August 1 starts 40 minutes after the deadline), we have six new moves to add to our list of trades and 60 day DLS from yesterday's post. 

The big winners today were the Dodgers, who picked up a strong PB 2-8 card for Joe Kelly back from the White Sox, and also grabbed what will be a solid middle reliever in our 4-man rotation league in Lance Lynn. The Dodgers already have the best record in our league (in real MLB play they are 2nd to the Braves, while the Braves are 3rd in Statis-Pro). The Dodgers are looking like our big NL favorite pending moves the next three days.

The Astros gained a nice reliever in Kendall Graveman, also from the White Sox and like Kelly returning to a team. The Marlins also picked up a nice card in reliever David Robertson, who has been even better in the real season. The Marlins have the only downside, as Matt Barnes will not be used in our games because he is not on 60 day DL - and while we keep a player card if they drop to the 40 man roster or short DL, we stop using them if they are on the 60 day DL

The only batter to change was the Rangers getting Kevin Plawecki from the Padres (and Pirates beginning of the year), but he is really just a backup for a loaded Rangers line-up. Click here for yesterday's post on 12 Statis-Pro cards changing status or team. Rules for the game appear below.

Click for the free Statis-Pro Master Baseball Game. Click here for 60 of the all-time great MLB teams, or on teams of many of the all-time great players on teams by nation or state with one sheet for each team. Or click on the 2023 pitchers and 2023 batters in card form. You simply print two teams cards and then either print theaster link above and fast action cards in master link or buy the dice to start playing. 

If you are playing the current 2023 season, you can use these optional adjustments for 149 players who were playing much better or worse than than their projected 2023 pitchers or 2023 batters in card form. 

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