Monday, January 16, 2023

Index of 136 All-Time Great Basketball Teams to Print by Page

When you open this doc with the 136 great all-time teams, we have added this as page 1. Rather than scroll through this big document looking for the teams you want to print you can simply look up the pages on this page 1. Print out your favorite conference, or just two teams you want to play against each other using the Value Add Basketball Game.


  1. I just discovered your game. This is amazing. Thank you !!!

    1. Thank you BigTony! I had taken a crack at the game, and then was sitting in Madison Square Garden when Covid cancelled the Big East tournament and season. I basically spent the next 4 days on virtually no sleep perfecting the game as much as I could to try to make it play in less than an hour (once someone had the hang of it) and be as accurate as possible.

      This blog went from fewer than 100 visits a day to thousands, and I'm still getting thousands every month just on the game years later so glad you are a new one as well. If you ever have any questions you can also email me at

      When it really took off I thought for a few days about if I should make some money on it to keep my wife off my back for playing it so much LOL - but then I decided I'd rather not have the NCAA and and players suing me for using their names so my payment is every time I see another thousand new visitors or even better someone says they like the game just like you just did - so thank you!