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Fox & ESPN Top 1% Showdowns in 30 Minutes; 26 Rebound Performance

In less than an hour Fox and ESPN tip off the top two match-ups between players ranked in the top 1% of all players at (click to find any of 4,286 players or click here to read this email in your browser).

(Note, we just came across another site ranking players and looks good - but no way in the world 3 of the top 4 players in the country all play for Gonzaga.)

1.Fox. Best player match-up of the day is UConn's RJ Cole (in top 1% as 41st Most Valuable Player to date) faces the top ranked duo in the country in Villanova's Collin Gillespie (5th MVP) and Justin Moore at (24th).

2. ESPN. Indiana's Trayce Jackson-Davis (6th MVP) at Illinois' Trent Frazier (43rd MVP) and Kofi Cockburn (whose 8.43 in his 16 games played would rank 18th, but due to 3 missed games is 52nd).

Auburn and Kansas are the only two teams besides Villanova with two players ranked in the top 1% most valuable players in the country.

Arkansas State's Norchad Omier was the hottest player this week in the rankings, with a 29 point, 26 rebound performance to surge 23 spots from the 60th most valuable player in the country to the top 1% of all players at 37th. Because there are 4,300 players ranked at, the 43 most valuable players represent the top 1% of all players.

The Sun Belt's Omier is the exception, along with only a half dozen other players from smaller conferences such as 8th ranked Malachi Smith of the Southern Conference's Chattanooga, while the rest of the top 1% comes from a big conference.

Top 5 - 1st Team All-American based purely on Value to Team

Washington's Terrell Brown surged from No. 11 to No. 4 in our rankings after blitzing Utah for 30 points and then Cal for 8 assists. In addition to the top 1% match-ups noted above, the Value Add Most Valuable Player of the year, Kentucky's Oscar Tshiebwe, travels to Alabama to face 38th ranked Keon Ellis at 3 p.m. Central today. Gillespie dropped two spots from 3rd to 5th in the loss at Marquette.

110Oscar Tshiebwe #34Kentucky6'9"11.06
220Keegan Murray #15Iowa6'8"10.2
352Justin Bean #34Utah St.6'7"9.85
4117Terrell Brown #23Washington6'3"9.69
53-2Collin Gillespie #2Villanova6'3"9.37

Rest of the Top 10 - 2nd Team All-American based purely on Value

Chattanooga's Malachi Smith dropped from 4th to 8th after being held to 8 points in an upset by Samford.

660Trayce Jackson-Davis #23Indiana6'9"9.36
7103Orlando Robinson #10Fresno St.7'09.26
84-4Malachi Smith #13Chattanooga6'4"9.19
97-2EJ Liddell #32Ohio St.6'7"9.1
108-2Kendric Davis #3SMU6'09.06

Rest of the top 1% (top 43 of 4,300 players)

Four players from 11th to 43rd surged at least six spots this week, including Omier mentioned above after his 26 rebound performance.

The next biggest improvement was Minnesota's Payton Willis after his 21 spot improvement to 22nd place after a 24 point, 10 rebound performance against Purdue.

The third biggest improvement was Kansas State's Nijel Pack's 11 spots jump to 28th after his 22-point MVP performance to defeat Oklahoma State.

Two other players jumped six spots into the top 20. Wyoming's Hunter Maldonado scored 35 points in a big win against Colorado State to surge to 15th and 3rd team All-American. St. John's Posh Alexander surged to 17th place after a 29 point, 12 rebound game against Big East leading Providence.

11121Alex Barcello #13BYU6'2"8.92
12131Santiago Vescovi #25Tennessee6'3"8.72
13152Iverson Molinar #1Mississippi St.6'3"8.72
149-5Ochai Agbaji #30Kansas6'5"8.71
15216Hunter Maldonado #24Wyoming6'7"8.66
1614-2Jamaree Bouyea #1San Francisco6'2"8.61
17236Posh Alexander #0St. John's6'08.55
1817-1Armando Bacot #5North Carolina6'10"8.35
19223Walker Kessler #13Auburn7'1"8.33
2018-2Tari Eason #13LSU6'8"8.27
21287Chet Holmgren #34Gonzaga7'08.22
224321Payton Willis #0Minnesota6'4"8.18
2316-7Alondes Williams #31Wake Forest6'5"8.12
2419-5Justin Moore #5Villanova6'4"8.11
25261Hunter Dickinson #1Michigan7'1"8.03
26293Garrett Sturtz #3Drake6'3"8.02
2725-2Johnny Davis #1Wisconsin6'5"7.9
283911Nijel Pack #24Kansas St.6'07.9
2927-2Izaiah Brockington #1Iowa St.6'4"7.82
3024-6Jaden Ivey #23Purdue6'4"7.79
3130-1David Roddy #21Colorado St.6'6"7.78
32364Will Richardson #0Oregon6'5"7.71
33429Tevin Brown #10Murray St.6'5"7.66
3432-2Christian Braun #2Kansas6'6"7.66
3534-1Jabari Smith #10Auburn6'10"7.62
3620-16Brad Davison #34Wisconsin6'4"7.6
376023Norchad Omier #15Arkansas St.6'7"7.51
3833-5Keon Ellis #14Alabama6'6"7.49
39412Tylor Perry #5North Texas5'11"7.46
4035-5Matt Bradley #3San Diego St.6'4"7.44
4138-3RJ Cole #2Connecticut6'1"7.41
42519Baylor Scheierman #3South Dakota St.6'6"7.27
43452Trent Frazier #1Illinois6'2"7.24

Players who dropped out of the top 1%

It is so competitive to be in the top 1% that just a bad game or two can drop a player. Three fell this week. Creighton big man Ryan Kalkbrenner only average 5 points in two Big East games. Ohio's Mark Sears had two decent games this week, but because they were against teams not even in the top 200 teams in the country his rating dropped due to the strength of schedule factor.

VCU's Vince Williams dropped simply because he missed the Dayton game with a calf injury, giving him a Value Add ranking of 0.00 for the game to pull him down to a 7.02 average.

Notable near misses include Cockburn, as players get a 0.00 Value Add Ranking for games misses, so he misses only due to 5 of 21 games - but still surged from 69th to 53rd with an incredible 16 of 19 day shooting for 37 points against Wisconsin. 

Also for the second straight week Purdue's Zach Edey is stuck one spot outside of the top 1% of players at 44th, while Toledo's Ryan Rollins nudged up two more spots to fall just short as the 45th Most Valuable Player to date. - John Pudner 404.606.3163

5437-17Ryan Kalkbrenner #11Creighton7'1"7.06
5531-24Vince Williams #10VCU6'6"7.02
5940-19Mark Sears #1Ohio6'1"6.92

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