Monday, August 17, 2020

Updated Top 20 Blogs of all Time

We've really been stunned at how many people have clicked on our recent post on using the home court advantage in Value Add Basketball NIT Games. It topped 1,000 clicks, which for our little blog puts it on the edge of breaking our Top 20 most visited blogs of all time. Make no mistake though, the free game itself if by far our most visited blog ever - with more than 37,300 visits. 

The majority of the 233,000 who have visited the site simply click on and the most recent blogs come up, but of those who click on a specific blog link, here aer the top 20 as tracked by blogger.

Value Add Basketball Game (VABG) Instructions
Posted by JohnPudner

Instructions for Playing Statis-Pro Baseball from MLB, to minors/youth/college to Japan (Ohtani vs. Suzuki)
Posted by JohnPudner

Free: 800 New Player Cards and Statis-Pro game: Features 25-man rosters to pit Encarnacion's Indians vs. Sanchez' Yankees
Posted by JohnPudner

Dodgers-Astros grudge match highlights 2nd IL Round with top records in each league
Posted by JohnPudner

Statis-Pro Baseball Game (Learn Free Basic Version in 5)
Posted by JohnPudner

Simulated March Madness Complete Bracket and Short Note on All 67 Games
Posted by JohnPudner

Braves Add Puig, then Hand Astros 1st Series loss of Season
Posted by JohnPudner
Value Add Basketball Game - Detailed Instructions
Posted by JohnPudner

March Madness 2018 Bracket Master of All Suggested Picks (Master)
Posted by JohnPudner

Statis Pro Baseball - Instructions to Learn to Play Basic Game in 5 Minutes (video added)
Posted by JohnPudner
Value Add Group 5: NBA Prospects Who Are Done with College
Posted by JohnPudner

Free Statis-Pro Baseball Cards for all 30 Teams AND the Complete Game - Just Add Dice and Play
Posted by JohnPudner

GAME 7! Statis-Pro 2018 (2017 cards) World Series Winner Revealed
Posted by JohnPudner

Venezuela ties Series, Statis-pro MVP Cy Young Announced
Posted by JohnPudner

Final 4 Results - Click to see Who Won Title between ACC, ASun, Big 12 and CUSA
Posted by JohnPudner

March Madness National Championship Play-by-play: Duke vs. Creighton (Box Score Added at End)
Posted by JohnPudner

All-Star Break: Yankees & Dodgers Tie for Best Projection Based on Statis-Pro MLB Cards
Posted by JohnPudner
Statis-Pro season Master updates for 2019 NL season with rosters and projections
Posted by JohnPudner

Checklist of All Major League Players and Potential Call-ups for Game Board Playing Cards
Posted by JohnPudner

Bracket Goes for 3 of Final 4 & Possible 100th Percentile Sunday; Only 0.03% Picked Sister Jean's Loyola
Posted by JohnPudner

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