Friday, August 18, 2023

Statis-Pro NL Leaders and Standings - Tracking Actual Season Except Cleveland playing like 2022

While most of my updates are from our NL games in Milwaukee, we have an update from the Statis-Pro AL from out west in Montana. Here are the Statis-Pro standings, and we added a column for their actual MLB winning percentage right now and then the average last year since we use current rosters, but based more on last year's stats.

Statis-Pro AL "East"    W  L   Statis-Pro    Current Actual   2022 Actual
Baltimore        25170.5950.6120.512
Tampa Bay25170.5950.5930.568
Toronto            22200.5240.5490.568
New York21210.5000.4960.611
Boston              18240.4290.5210.481
Statis-Pro AL "West"WLStatis-ProCurrent Actual2022 Actual
Houston           24180.5710.5740.654
Cleveland        23190.5480.4750.568
Seattle              22200.5240.5450.556
Texas                 21210.5000.5950.421
Chicago            11310.2620.3970.499

The NL Statis-Pro teams are really tracking the actual current standings very closely with just a couple of exceptions. The Cleveland Guardians are playing much more like last year's very good team than this year's sub-.500 actual team. Also the Texas Rangers are in between this year's great team and last year's not-so-good team.

Here is the summary:

Headed down the stretch and there are still some tight races for playoff spots.

The trade deadline and some devastating season-ending injuries have changed the look of the pennant race.

Both divisional races remain close (with a first round bye at stake).

The Orioles are the hottest team winning 9-straight to move into a tie with the Rays.

Tampa Bay has had their rotation decimated with injuries and are trying to hold on.

The Astros getting Verlander back, have pushed into first place.

The Guardians keep finding ways to win and are in the playoff chase after 3-11 start.

Only the Sox (both White and Red) have slipped out of contention.


Statis-Pro AL Playoff format

Division winners receive a first round bye.

The next four best records will compete in the wild card round (Best-of-5)

The divisional round will be best-of-7.

The league championship series will also be best-of-7.



Statis-Pro AL East

Baltimore         25-17

Tampa Bay       25-17

Toronto             22-20

New York          21-21

Boston               18-24


Statis-Pro AL “West”

Houston            24-18

Cleveland         23-19

Seattle               22-20

Texas                  21-21

Chicago             11-31




Kwan, Cle          .322      (58-180)

Varsho, Tor      .313      (52-166)

Santander, Bal .304      (49-161)



Kwan, Cle          58

Mullins, Bal      55

Verdugo, Bos   52


Home Runs

Santander, Bal 14

Raleigh, Sea     13

Judge, NY          12

Runs Batted In

Santander, Bal 37

Judge, NY          29

B Lowe, TB       29


Runs Scored

Santander, Bal 30

Seager, Tex       30

Alvarez, Hou    28


Extra Base Hits

B Lowe, TB       23

Arozarena, TB 22

Semien, Tex     20


Earned Run Average

Heaney, Tex     5-2        2.25

Cortes, NY        6-2        2.32

McClanahan,TB6-2      2.44



B Abreu, Hou   1-0        17-18

Clase, Cle          0-0        16-16

Adam, TB          0-0        15-17

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