Thursday, August 3, 2023

149 Key MLB Players Updated by Team or Actual 2023 Performance

If you play any simulation of current MLB players, this is a checklist of 149 players who are on a different team than they were when we made the projected cards before the season, or who have dramatically exceeded or fallen short of the stats on which their projection is based. The are in alphabetical order by team and then by last name.

With the trade deadline passed, we updated all rosters in our Statis-Pro baseball game. In our game, an adjusted player changes the PB during every at bat by one in their favor if they are listed as "upgrade" or against them if they are listed as "downgrade" while other players have just been shifted onto or off a stack of player cards for that team. You can come up with your own adjustment for whatever game you play, but these are partial adjustments for players who are close to 2.00 off their projected ERA or 0.200 in OPS - so our adjustments just makes up some of the difference but does not come close to creating a new card.

Click for the free Statis-Pro Master Baseball Game. Click here for 60 of the all-time great MLB teams, or on teams of many of the all-time great players on teams by nation or state with one sheet for each team. Or click on the 2023 pitchers and 2023 batters in card form. You simply print two teams cards and then either print theaster link above and fast action cards in master link or buy the dice to start playing. 

Team                     Players                        Pos    Card Status          Card OPS/ERA   Current
Ari LostMadison BumgarnerPdowngrade4.9510.26
AriZach DaviesPdowngrade4.887.38
AriKyle NelsonPupgrade4.482.85
Ari (Fr Oak)Jace Peterson3Bnew OPS 0.6600.660 
Ari (Fr Nym)Tommy PhamLFupgrade0.6690.820
Ari LostJosh Rojas3Bnew team0.7210.577
Ari (Fr Chw)José RuizPnew team4.055.89
AtlEhire AdrianzaSSdowngrade0.6550.091
AtlNick AndersonPupgrade4.403.06
Atl (Fr Tbr)Yonny ChirinosPnew team4.154.34
AtlMax FriedPupgrade3.582.08
Atl (Fr Col)Pierce JohnsonPnew team4.675.62
Atl (Fr Fa)Kevin PillarLFnew team0.7350.721
BalKeegan AkinPdowngrade3.506.85
BalFélix BautistaPupgrade3.140.87
Bal (Was Oak)Shintaro FujinamiPdowngrade4.368.08
BalMychal GivensPdowngrade4.0611.25
BalDL HallPdowngrade3.136.00
Bal (Fr Nyy)Aaron HicksLFnew team0.6650.695
BalGrayson RodriguezPdowngrade3.826.21
Bos LostRyan BrasierPnew team4.084.50
Bos LostEnrique HernándezSSnew team0.7410.606
BosCorey KluberPdowngrade4.697.04
BosChris MartinPupgrade3.541.57
ChcAdbert AlzolayPupgrade3.602.33
ChcJavier AssadPupgrade4.593.24
Chc (Fr Was)Jeimer Candelario3Bnew team0.7440.835
ChcMichael FulmerPupgrade7.204.21
ChcBrandon HughesPdowngrade3.887.24
ChcMatt Mervis1Bdowngrade0.7600.531
ChwTim AndersonSSdowngrade0.7550.577
Chw LostLucas GiolitoPnew team4.153.85
Chw LostKendall GravemanPnew team3.723.40
Chw LostRandal GrichukCFnew team0.7610.869
Chw LostJoe KellyPnew team3.274.91
Chw LostReynaldo LópezPnew team3.714.00
Chw LostLance LynnPdowngrade3.936.32
Chw LostJake MarisnickRFnew team0.6230.688
ChwKeynan MiddletonPdowngrade1.653.96
Chw LostJosé RuizPnew team4.055.89
ChwLenyn Sosa2Bdowngrade0.6640.366
CinCurt CasaliCadowngrade0.7190.490
CinLuis CessaPdowngrade4.989.00
CinKevin HergetPdowngrade1.625.73
CinBen LivelyPdowngrade2.655.20
CinNick LodoloPdowngrade3.686.29
CinLuke MailePupgrade4.500.72
Cin (Fr Oak)Sam MollPnew team3.694.38
CinWil MyersRFdowngrade0.7940.541
CleXzavion CurryPupgrade4.632.90
CleOscar GonzalezRFdowngrade0.7310.513
CleSam HentgesPdowngrade3.266.35
CleTim HerrinPdowngrade3.815.55
Cle LostAmed RosarioSSnew team0.7100.679
Cle (Lad)Noah SyndergaardPnew team4.836.68
ColFernando AbadPnew PB 2-410.134.26
Col (Fr Tbr)Chase AndersonPdowngrade1.696.08
ColDaniel BardPupgrade4.232.87
ColTy BlachPupgrade8.184.22
Col (Fr Sea)Chris FlexenPdowngrade4.268.08
ColDinelson LametPdowngrade4.3411.57
Col LostMike Moustakas1Bnew team0.7450.765
Col (Fr Sf)Austin WynnsCanew team0.653 
Colo LostPierce JohnsonPnew team4.675.62
DetJavier BáezSSdowngrade0.7110.593
DetAustin MeadowsLFdowngrade0.8180.524
Fa (Fr Ari)Madison BumgarnerPdowngrade4.9510.26
Fa LostKevin PillarLFnew team0.7350.721
HouJosé Abreu1Bdowngrade0.8020.654
Hou (Fr Chw)Kendall GravemanPnew team3.723.40
Kcr LostAroldis ChapmanPnew team3.452.58
KcrMike MayersPdowngrade2.456.15
LaaJaime BarriaPdowngrade1.613.79
Laa (Col)C.J. Cron1Bnew team0.8090.772
LaaTucker DavidsonPdowngrade4.216.54
Laa (Fr Nym)Eduardo Escobar3Bnew team0.7090.651
LaaCarlos EstévezPnew pb 2-74.151.88
Laa (Fr Chw)Lucas GiolitoPnew team4.153.85
Laa (Fr Chw)Randal GrichukCFnew team0.7610.869
Laa (Fr Chw)Reynaldo LópezPnew team3.714.00
LaaMickey MoniakLFupgrade0.6710.915
Laa (Was Fa)Matt MoorePnew team3.991.93
Laa (Fr Col)Mike Moustakas1Bnew team0.7450.765
LaaJosé QuijadaPdowngrade3.816.00
LadAustin BarnesCadowngrade0.6990.334
Lad (Fr Bos)Ryan BrasierPnew team4.084.50
LadMichael GrovePdowngrade4.766.75
Lad (Fr Bos)Enrique HernándezSSnew team0.7410.606
Lad (Fr Chw)Joe KellyPnew team3.274.91
Lad (Fr Chw)Lance LynnPdowngrade3.936.32
Lad (Fr Chw)Jake MarisnickRFnew team0.6230.688
LadBobby MillerPdowngrade1.804.37
LadShelby MillerPupgrade4.402.40
MiaMatt BarnesPdowngrade3.945.48
Mia LostDylan FloroPnew team3.974.39
Mia (Fr Min)Jorge LópezPnew team3.604.86
MiaEury PérezPupgrade4.352.36
Mia (Fr Nym)David RobertsonPnew team3.622.54
MilWilly AdamesSSdowngrade0.7910.682
Mil (Fr Nym)Mark CanhaLFnew team0.7500.719
MilHoby MilnerPupgrade3.882.30
MilJoel PayampsPupgrade4.121.97
Mil (Fr Sf)Darin Ruf1Bnew team0.7230.531
Mil (Fr Pit)Carlos Santana1Bnew team0.7380.725
MilDevin WilliamsPupgrade3.121.52
MinJorge AlcalaPdowngrade3.776.46
Min (Fr Mia)Dylan FloroPnew team3.974.39
MinNick GordonCFdowngrade0.7180.503
MinBrent HeadrickPdowngrade3.245.40
Min LostJorge LópezPnew team3.604.86
MinMatt WallnerRFupgrade0.6940.915
Nym LostMark CanhaLFnew team0.7500.719
NymCarlos CarrascoPdowngrade3.946.40
Nym LostEduardo Escobar3Bnew team0.7090.651
Nym (Fr Sea)Trevor GottPnew team3.914.62
NymTylor MegillPdowngrade3.535.17
NymZach MuckenhirnPdowngrade2.456.00
NymTomás NidoCadowngrade0.5800.278
NymDavid PetersonPdowngrade3.135.92
Nym LostTommy PhamLFupgrade0.6690.820
Nym LostDavid RobertsonPnew team3.622.54
Nym LostGary SánchezCanew team 0.733
Nyy LostAaron HicksLFnew team0.6650.695
NyyWandy PeraltaPupgrade3.642.29
OakDomingo AcevedoPdowngrade4.0010.61
OakGarrett ActonPdowngrade1.9312.71
OakNick AllenSSdowngrade0.6040.451
OakLucas ErcegPdowngrade2.255.34
Oak LostRico GarciaPnew team15.009.26
OakHogan HarrisPdowngrade3.806.07
Oak LostSam MollPnew team3.694.38
OakKyle MullerPdowngrade3.847.79
OakAdam OllerPdowngrade4.5010.07
Oak LostCristian PacheLFupgrade0.6010.957
Oak New LostJace Peterson3Bnew OPS 0.6600.660 
Oak LostCal StevensonCFnew team0.6360.250
OakKen WaldichukPdowngrade3.876.52
PhiJosé AlvaradoPupgrade2.851.38
PhiBrandon MarshCFupgrade0.6450.813
PhiYunior MartePupgrade11.254.99
Phi (Fr Oak)Cristian PacheLFupgrade0.6010.957
PhiCristopher SánchezPupgrade6.232.66
PitMiguel AndujarRFdowngrade0.7080.599
PitCody BoltonPdowngrade4.509.90
PitRoansy ContrerasPdowngrade4.316.59
PitChase De JongPdowngrade4.5613.50
PitChris OwingsSSdowngrade0.6160.320
PitYohan RamirezPdowngrade1.504.25
Pit LostCarlos Santana1Bnew team0.7380.725
Pit LostRobert StephensonPnew team4.123.78
SdpNabil CrismattPdowngrade3.989.82
SdpReiss KnehrPdowngrade4.1615.88
Sdp (Fr Nym)Gary SánchezCanew team 0.733
SeaDiego CastilloPdowngrade3.536.23
Sea LostChris FlexenPdowngrade4.268.08
Sea LostTrevor GottPnew team3.914.62
SeaCooper HummelLFdowngrade0.6660.323
SeaTom MurphyCaupgrade0.7050.900
Sea (Fr Sf)AJ PollockLFnew team 0.535
Sea (Fr Ari)Josh Rojas3Bnew team0.7210.577
Sea (Fr Cle)Amed RosarioSSnew team0.7100.679
SeaKolten Wong2Bdowngrade0.7170.468
Sf LostAJ PollockLFnew team 0.535
Sf LostDarin Ruf1Bnew team0.7230.531
Sf LostAustin WynnsCanew team0.653 
Sfg (Fr Oak)Cal StevensonCFnew team0.6360.250
Stl LostJordan HicksPnew team3.214.01
StlMatthew LiberatorePdowngrade4.206.75
Tbr LostChase AndersonPdowngrade1.696.08
TbrJalen BeeksPdowngrade3.236.27
Tbr (At Stl)Génesis CabreraPnew team4.074.97
Tbr LostYonny ChirinosPnew team4.154.34
Tbr (Was Cws)Jake DiekmanPupgrade7.944.32
Tbr (Was Mil)Javy GuerraPnew team4.284.09
Tbr (Fr Was)Erasmo RamírezPnew team4.315.70
Tbr (Fr Pit)Robert StephensonPnew team4.123.78
Tex (Fr Kcr)Aroldis ChapmanPnew team3.452.58
TexTaylor HearnPdowngrade3.8214.73
TexJonathan HernándezPdowngrade3.846.65
TexTravis JankowskiLFupgrade0.5970.785
TorAdam CimberPdowngrade4.247.40
Tor (Fr Stl)Jordan HicksPnew team3.214.01
TorJordan LuplowRFdowngrade0.7580.567
TorAlek ManoahPdowngrade4.145.87
Was LostJeimer Candelario3Bnew team0.7440.835
Was (Fr Oak)Rico GarciaPnew team15.009.26
Was LostErasmo RamírezPnew team4.315.70
WasCory Abbott3upgrade 5.40
WasRiley AdamsCaupgrade0.6810.919
WasChad KuhlPdowngrade4.918.45

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