Saturday, August 12, 2023

Marlins Biggest Pitcher Changes for Giants Series

 Our next series is between the two teams we added to our original 11 after their fast starts this season. On the projected pitcher cards, the Marlins had more updates than any other team, so we put them all on one page.

David Robertson was the big pick-up as closer, though he is a PB 2-7 in the game so not lock down. The additions of an old and a new PB 2-7 starter is strong, with the new Eury Perez and the older Johnny Cueto. Sandy Alcantara is also downgraded to a PB 2-7, after being the most dominant starter in the game as a PB 2-8 the last couple of years. Matt Barnes was also downgraded - so will pitch as a PB 2-6 instead of a PB 4-7.

When we mark players as a "downgrade" or "upgrade" it is a temporary shift of one level on the PB but those temporary adjustments are updated later in the year so we do not actually change the PB on the card.

Team                      Player                       Pos              Change
MiaMatt BarnesPdowngrade
Mia LostDylan FloroPnew team
Mia (Fr Min)Jorge LópezPnew team
MiaEury PérezPupgrade
Mia (Fr Nym)David RobertsonPnew team
Sf LostAJ PollockLFnew team
Sf LostDarin Ruf1Bnew team
Sf LostAustin WynnsCanew team
Sfg (Fr Oak)Cal StevensonCFnew team

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