Thursday, August 3, 2023

Cubs and DBacks Upgraded Cards as they Battle or Final Playoff Spot

The Cubs and Diamondbacks have virtually the same records in both real MLB and in our Statis-Pro season. In the real season, Arizona is 57-53 while Chicago is 56-53. In the Statis-Pro season the teams average slightly worst because they play the other 10 best teams twice each with four teams being relegated.

Again, the two are even with both teams 20-22 heading into a series against each other. Note: after initial post, DBacks held on for thrilling 5-4 win in the opener and break the tie for 5th. Cubs have a big pitching edge in the nightcap with Marcus Stroman vs the rookie Brandon Pfaadt.

Our last update showed the Statis-Pro cards that can either switched teams or due to playing a lot different than their projections can be upgraded or downgraded.

Cubs Adjustments

Cubs Changes                  Pos         Card Status          Card OPS/ER      ANow
Adbert AlzolayPupgrade3.602.33
Javier AssadPupgrade4.593.24
Cody BellingerCFupgrade0.7110.909
Jeimer Candelario3Bnew team0.7440.835
Michael FulmerPupgrade7.204.21
Brandon HughesPdowngrade3.887.24
Matt Mervis1Bdowngrade0.7600.531

The Cubs had one nice pickup in Jeimer Candelario, a good third baseman who was picked up from the Nationals to give a nice extra bat to the Cubs. He is hitting even better this season than last, but the card is not upgraded because the jump from 0.744 to 0.835 OPS is not big enough to actually change the card. The one downside for the Cubs offense is that 1st baseman Matt Mervis is downgraded for his OPS dropping from .760 to .531, so when he comes up the opposing pitcher's PB increases one (a PB 2-7 becomes a PB 2-8 when facing Mervis).

The Cubs had three pitchers upgraded because of much better ERAs so far this season and one who is downgraded. The biggest one is closer Adbert Alzolay who had a projected PB 2-7 card but will be a PB 2-8 in action in our season.

Arizona Adjustments

TeamPlayersPosCard StatusCard OPS/ERANow
Ari LostMadison BumgarnerPdowngrade4.9510.26
AriZach DaviesPdowngrade4.887.38
AriKyle NelsonPupgrade4.482.85
Ari (Fr Oak)Jace Peterson3Bnew OPS 0.6600.660 
Ari (Fr Nym)Tommy PhamLFupgrade0.6690.820
Ari LostJosh Rojas3Bnew team0.7210.577
Ari (Fr Chw)José RuizPnew team4.055.89

Arizona gets a little help with two pitchers, though they are still both below average PB 2-6 cards. Kyle Nelson improved his ERA from 4.48 down to 2.85, which by itself could be a PB 2-8 or even 2-9, but we only upgrade by one for big improvements, so he just improves to a PB 2-6 in a game.  Jose Ruiz came from the White Sox, but is also just a PB 2-6 though he does allow hits only up to a 21 and because he pitched in a hitters park he the note at the bottom of the card changes the top home run number on an opposing batter to a fly out. Madison Bumgarner also is gone after a terrible season, but we did not include his card below.

As for Arizona batters, one player is gone in Josh Rojas, so his card is not used. The big pickup was Tommy Pham, who not only came from the Mets but also has an upgrade so opposing pitchers' PB will drop one when they face Pham due to his actual OPS of .820 being much better than his .669 projection on which the card was based. Jac Peterson is a new card - and the Statis-Pro cards at the end give a basic card for each range of projected OPS ranges - from .651 to .700 in his case. He is on pace for more than 30 bases, which makes him a OBR/SP: B/B and plays third base. As a left handed hitter with fewer than three home run numbers he gets an LN, and lefties temporary cards have the average 12/88 - meaning strikeouts on 11-12 against a Left Handed Pitcher and singles with runners advancing two based on 88 against a Right Handed Pitcher.

The matchup to see who moves ahead as they both come in tied for 5th place and the last two playoff spots if the season ended today.

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