Sunday, August 13, 2023

Padres Relegated; Our Standings and Top 25 ERAs

With all teams through 16 series, we ran our standings. The biggest difference between our play and the actual MLB is the Philadelphia Phillies, who would actually be 4th if the actual playoffs started today, but but are lagging in 10h place in the Statis-Pro season.

However, having added Michael Lorenzen to a rotation that already had two PB 2-8 starters, we will see if their dominant starting pitching can pull them from 4 games out of the playoffs in our league into the playoffs. Our plan right now is to relegate the Padres - who are 11th in our league and 10th in the actual MLB, to leave 10 teams with three 2-game series each left.

Here are the standings.

Statis-Pro Standings        Wins  LostStatis-Pro TeamsStatis-ProActual MLBRemaining Games
Los Angeles Dodgers 34141012cin mia nym
Milwaukee Brewers 2820423mia nym phi
Atlanta Braves 2721331az nym sf
Miami Marlins 2622247chc lad mil
San Francisco 2523155az atl chc
Arizona Diamondbacks 2424069atl cin sf
Chicago Cubs 2226-276mia phi sf
New York Mets 2226-2811atl lad mil
Cincinnati Reds 2127-398az lad rel
Philadelphia Phillies  2028-4104chc mil rel
San Diego Padres 1929-51110relegated
Relegated 4452-4   


And below are the top 25 pitchers in our leagues based on ERA of just those who did make all four starts for their team.
Pitchers with 4 GS              IP          ER    ERA   Tm W   Tm L     Supp
Statis-Pro total 208 starts1073.34924.133123124.6
Corbin Burnes, Mil27.741.30753.5
Max Fried, Atl27.741.30935.3
Julio Urias, LAD2741.33937.8
Aaron Nola, Phi24.741.46573.3
Clayton Kershaw, LAD26.751.69844.8
Spencer Strider, Atl2861.93573.0
Kyle Wright, Atl17.742.03845.3
Justin Verlander, NYM26.772.36845.8
Charlie Morton, Atl1752.65574.0
Mark Leiter, ChC20.362.66753.5
Nick Lodolo, Cin26.782.70753.8
Brendon Woodruff, Mil2483.00754.0
Logan Webb, SF2393.52572.5
Alex Cobb, SF2293.68755.3
Justin Steele, ChC24.3103.70574.3
Eric Lauer, Mil19.383.73847.8
Yu Darvish, SD23103.91483.5
Sandy Alcantara, Mia25113.96665.0
Max Scherzer, NYM22.3104.04664.3
Alex Wood, SF17.784.07754.0
Zac Gallen, Ari22104.09665.0
Jameson Taillon, ChC24.7124.37481.8
Tony Gonsolon, LAD18.394.43939.3

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