Friday, August 25, 2023

Braves & Dodgers Atop Statis-Pro and MLB Standings After ATL Batters Mets

Atlanta drubbed the Mets 8-3 and 9-3 to moved past Milwaukee into second place in our Statis-Pro League. The following shows the Statis-Pro standings followed by the actual MLB Standings. The teams in blue would get a bye if the Statis-Pro season ended today, and the red teams would be in the best-of-three wild card. Here is the grid of all of our games.

As you can see, the Dodgers and Braves would get the bye either in the Statis-Pro season or MLB after their wins (see scoresheet further down in blog). The one big difference is Philadelphia is only 8th in our Statis-Pro season but would be in the 4th MLB playoff spot. On the flip side, the Marlins are just a couple of games out of the MLB playoffs in 9th, but they are 4th in Statis-Pro. However, they play the Dodgers next.

In the NL, we do let the five relegated teams (Col,NYM,Pit,Stl,Was) as well as some AL relegated teams starting with the Minnesota Twins play some games against the other nine teams. Those five teams are playing .443 baseball in actual play, and .420 in the games they have played against the ten NL Statis-Pro teams. Each of the 10 teams play four relegated teams.

NL          Statis    MLB    Statis W   Statis L  Statis %         MLB WMLB LMLB %NL

Likewise in the NL there are two big surprises, the Cleveland Guardians who are 11th in actual MLB play but in the 4th Statis-Pro spot. On the flip side, the Rangers are two spots out of the playoffs in Statis-Pro but in 2nd overall and would actually get a bye in MLB.

The five AL relegated teams (Det,KC,LAA,Min,Oak) do not play in Statis-Pro, though sometimes we play a few of them against NL teams to finish out there season. Depending on how quickly we get through the season we might let each NL team above play one two-game series against one of the NL teams above. The five relegated AL teams are playing .411 baseball overall.
AL       Statis  MLB   Statis W   Statis L  Statis %         MLB WMLB LMLB %AL
Rel11 00NA2633770.411Rel

Here is the Braves scoresheet of the 2nd of two games against the Mets, and the composite states for both teams.

The same two teams have the byes in the actual MLB season.

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