Monday, August 7, 2023

Phillies - 1st of 2 Statis-Pro Underperformers face Rockies

 The Phillies are one of two teams playing much worse in Statis-Pro then the actual MLB season - making the Phillies 2-game series against the relegated Rockies crucial.

Update game 1 - it started bad for the Phillies as Bryce Harper was ejected in the first inning and the rest of the lineup didn't exactly take advantage of Coors Field. However Trea Turner scored two runs with a double and homer, and Nola and an upgraded Kimbrel and Alvarado combined for a 2-hitter and 3-1 win.

Luckily for them the first game is against a lefty in Austin Gomber against one if two PB 2-8snin Aaron Nola. The Phillies also have the most upgraded players with 3 upgraded relievers and a crucial new PB2-7 No. 3 starter, as well as upgraded platoon center fielders - either if which can also come in late for a fielding upgrade in left field.

Phillies just continue to not be as good in Statis-Pro this season (10th place) as opposed to actual MLB (5th place) after a 3 games to 3 split with the relegated Rockies. The Rockies won 9-4, though not a sweep, as upgraded Daniel Bard (ob 2-7 improved to 2-8).  The Phillies hit three drives that would have been homers in Colorado but were just deep fly outs in Philadelphia.

Game results to follow.

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