Wednesday, June 28, 2023

Reds Phenom De La Cruz Statis-Pro Card Debut in stunning beat down of Giants

The story of recent weeks, Elly De La Cruz of the Reds, debuts in our Statis-Pro game. So far he is destroying right-handed pitching and struggling against left-handed pitching, thus the 14/86 indicates in the first game against the Giants RHP Logan Webb he converts 86-88 into singles with runners advancing two bases. in the second game against LHP Sean Manaea an 11-14 is converted to a strikeout.

Compared to the vet on the team, Joey Votto, he does strike out a ton (38-66) and does not walk much (67-68) but other than that you couldn't get much better than him on speed (A/A), fielding (next to best CD4 at both shortstop and third base) and as a switch hit power hitter (SP) he gets a hit or at least a deep drive that usually goes out in hitter friendly Cincinnati on 11-37. In Cincinnati an 11-63 is a homer on a deep drive, but for the second game in San Francisco only a 11-33 will go out. 

Results follow below.

As exciting as using De La Cruz's cards was, and fun as it was to have him go 4 of 10 with a homer in his first 2-game series, there was no way to anticipate the absolute beat down they would give the Giants in his first two game series. As we show on our game tracker, the Reds were 7-23 in our season, before a 6 game to 0 sweep of the Phillies and now this 5 game to 1 win over the Giants to improve to 18-24 in our league. The 7-1 win in the opener counted as a 3 games to 0 sweep due to leading by more than 5 runs after 8 innings, however the 10-3 win did not because they needed to score four runs in the ninth so only led 6-3 after 8 innings.

The Giants meanwhile dropped from 8-4 and a tie in first place to 9-9 and tied for 4th place with the Mets, who coincidentally are their next series on the grid.

Here is the tracker schedule for the Reds. I do have typo on their last game - they won it 7-1 not 7-0 so will fix.

And here it is for the Giants.

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