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Griffey Gold Glove Catch Wraps Up PA Sweep of Dominicans

Ken Griffey Juniors gold glove catch of Manny Ramirez would-be base clearing double completed a 2-game sweep for Pennsylvania to start our Wild Card Pool of play.

The other opening series will be California against Venezuela, as each wild card team plays the other three in a two game series, and whoever finishes first advances to play our all-time divisional winners (Puerto Rico, Texas and Florida).

 Our previous blog noted we had just updated fielding ratings for all players on our 12 all-time World Baseball Classic teams. If we were still treating all players as average fielders, Pennsylvania would have scored twice in the top of the 8th inning, rather than losing 1-0.  

In the top of the 9th inning of the 2nd game trailing 1-0, Fernando Tatis Jr. hit a grounder back to the mound that would have been an error for most pitchers, but Herb Pennock had been upgraded to an E2, CD4 on defense, so made the play. With two outs Vladimir Guerrero singled, and Rafael Furcal came in as a pinch runner. A z-play then came up and Manny Ramirez hit a deep drive that would have been a base clearing double to tie the game if Griffey were still an average E3, but due to upgrading him as a gold glover it turned into a series ending hit.

In the first game, Pennsylvania won 2-1 after the Dominicans failed to cash in early. In the second inning they loaded the bases with no outs but failed to score. In the 4th inning David Ortiz singled with one out. Cesar Cedeno pinch ran and stole second and third base, but they could not get him home.

Pennsylvania took the lead in the 4th when Honus Wagner led off with a triple and then scored on Griffey's single to make it 1-0. Buddy Bell then homered in the 7th inning. The Dominicans had another great chance in the 9th when Sparky Lyle was greeted by back-to-back doubles by Manny Ramirez and Felipe Alou to cut it to 2-1, but they could not score again.

In these pools a country or state's top two pitchers of all time pitch the 1st of 3 round robin series. We knew that would make runs hard to come by as the two greatest pitchers in Dominican Republic history (Pedro Martinez and Juan Marijual) faced the top two pitchers ever from Pennsylvania (Ed Walsh and Christy Mathewson).

Only allowing one run in two games is very good for Pennsylvania, since the tie-breaker after head-to-head is runs allowed. The Dominican Republic won our Statis-Pro World Baseball Classic a few years ago using current players, but in this all-time game the ability of some of the state teams to use starts from more than 100 years ago has left them not as deep on pitching.

Since we just updated fielding, we put each player clutch defense rating in the box score.  CD-5 is gold glove level, down to CD-1.
Dominican Rep. Line-up                  Pos       Defense        AB  r   h  rbi 
Fernando Tatis Jr.ssCD-18000 
Jose Ramirez3bCD-37000 
Vladimir Guerrero lfCD-38020 
Rafael Furcalpr2CD-30000 
Manny RamirezrfCD-171102b, robbed of GW 2b
Sammy SosacfCD-36010 
Ramon Martinezp1CD-20000 
Felipe Alouph1CD-310112b
David Ortiz 1bCD-33000 
Cesar Cedenopr1CD-5 Gold00002 steals
Albert Pujols1b1CD-5 Gold2000 
Robinson Canó2bCD-5 Gold5010 
Cesar Cedenopr2CD-5 Gold0000 
Placido Polanco2b2CD-5 Gold1000Glove saved hit
Tony Pena2-CCD-5 Gold6000 
Pedro Martinez p1CD-12000 
Juan Sotoph1CD-51000 
Juan Marichal p2CD-32010 
Albert Pujols1b2CD-5 Gold1000 
DR bats .117  60171 
Dominican Republic PitchingIPHRERWKNotes
Pedro Martinez 6.1422110Loss
Ramon Martinez1.210001 
Octavio Dotel110002 
Juan Marichal 752212Loss
Francisco Cordero110011 
Armando Benitez110002

Pennsylvania Line-up     Pos    Cht                 ab  r   h    bi      notes                             
Honus Wagner ssCD-182302b,3b
Ken Griffey Jr. cfCD-5 Gold80222b, Game saving catch
Stan Musial 1bCD-38020 
Reggie Jackson rfCD-36000 
Sherry Mageerf1CD-30000sb
Buddy Bell3bCD-5 Gold8111HR
Hack Wilson lfCD-28010 
Roy Campanella cCD-440303b
Sherry Mageepr1CD-30100 
Mike Piazza c2CD-32000 
Nellie Fox 2bCD-5 Gold4000 
Ed Walsh p1CD-32000 
Mike Piazza ph1CD-31000 
Christy Mathewson p2CD-31001RBI Sac Fly
Dick Allenph2CD-31000 
PA Batted .197  614124
Pennsylvania PitchingIPhrerwkNotes
Ed Walsh 720025Won
Bruce Sutter 100000Hold
Sparky Lyle121102Save
Christy Mathewson 830005Won
Herb Pennock 110000Save

Note, the modern players have cards, but for the all-time players the info that would be on a card is on sheets for each team.  The sheets only include the last number of each range. On the sheets the range does not specify to which fielder the ball was hit. If the second digit of the random number is a "1" or "2" (11,12,21,22,31 etc) the ball was pulled, so left field for a RN or RP, center field for an SN or SP and right field for a LN or LP. The one exception is an 11 is an infield single if the batter is an OBR A or B.

Ending in 3 or 4 is to left field
Ending in 5 or 6 is the center field
Ending in 7 or 8 is tk right field

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