Saturday, June 10, 2023

Reggie and Ken Griffey Jr. Try to Clinch for PA vs. CA

Pennsylvania can win the wild card pool with a split against California, so we jumped ahead to play that doubleheader next. The first game will be in Anaheim where the modern park yields homers on 11-54 on deep drives, while if necessary the second game would be in Pittsburgh with an almost as generous 11-45 Home Run range. The average is 11-35 and you can always use that in Statis-Pro baseball to have the game in a neutral field.

If Pennsylvania wins either game then they advanced to the championship pool with Texas, Florida and Puerto Rico. If California wins both, then they play their final poll series against the Dominican Republic and can advance with another sweep. If California sweeps Pennsylvania and then splits with the Dominican Republic, then the final spot will be determined by whether California or Pennsylvania allowed fewer runs in the eight games, which right now favors Pennsylvania.

This was listed as the third series, meaning the two teams throw their 5th and 6th greatest all-time starting pitcher from our player sheet.

PA's lefty Eddie Plank, who wrapped up his career in 1917 throws the first game, with California platooning Nomar Garciaparra at third base (while primarily a shortstop, his baseball reference 635 indicates he can play 1st base or 3rd base as well, though we up his Error rating 1 and lower his CD 1 for not being in his primary position). California throws Bob Lemon, who wrapped up his career in 1958, to try to stay alive.

If Game 2 is necessary, it is California who turns to a lefty in Lefty Gomez, while PA turns to Stan Coveleski. You can click on the link to each starting player below.

                Pennsylvania Line-up                    Pos
1Honus Wagner 6-SS
2Ken Griffey Jr. 8-CF
3Stan Musial 3-1B
4Reggie Jackson 9-RF
5Buddy Bell5-3B
6Hack Wilson 7-LF
7Roy Campanella 2-C
8Nellie Fox 4-2B
LHPEddie Plank P G1
RHPStan Coveleski P G2
 California Line-upPos
1Alan Trammell 6-SS
2Joe Gordon 4-2B
3Barry Bonds9-RF
4Ted Williams 7-LF
5Joe DiMaggio 8-CF
6Eddie Murray 3-1B
7Gary Carter 2-C
8 G1Graig Nettles5-3B
8 G2Nomar Garciaparra5-3B
RHPBob Lemon P G1
LHPLefty Gomez P G2
 Game Location 
 Game 1 at Anaheim (11-54 HR) 
 Game 2 at Pittsburgh (11-45 HR) 
 Neutral Park (11-35 HR)

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