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NL wins Statis-Pro All-Star Game; Rays Upset Astros to pull within game of Yankees

The following is the play-by-play of the 2020 Statis-Pro All-Star Game. The inning is always listed down the left column, then the position and player, then the result of the play for personnel change.

While we don't sell anything, you can order your own playing cards and game by clicking here - we just shifted to these cards which are the top of each game. Updates on our regular season are here - where the Rays just upset the Astros to move within a game of the Yankees for the AL East and ahead of the A's for the top wildcard spot.

1SPMax Scherzer (Nats) Pitching for NL
1CFMike Trout (Angels) Strikeout
1LFLuis Robert (WhiteSox) Triple to centerfield
12BCavan Biggio (BlueJays) Grounder to 2b, Robert thrown out at home 4-2 (K Marte defensive gem)
12BCavan Biggio (BlueJays) Steals second base
13BJose Ramirez (Indians) Popout to C
1Game tied 0-0 middle of inning 1
1SPCharlie Morton (Rays) Pitching for AL
1SSTrevor Story (Rockies) Popout to C
13BJustin Turner (Dodgers) Flyout to CF
1RFChristian Yelich (Brewers) Single to rightfield
1DHEugenio Suarez (Reds) Walked
11BPete Alonso (Mets) Strikeout
1Game tied 0-0 end of inning 1
2SPMax Scherzer (Nats) Still pitching for NL
2RFMax Kepler (Twins) Flyout to centerfield
2SSJose Iglesias (Orioles) Flyout to leftfield
21BC.J. Cron (Tigers) grounder to SS (0 for 1)
2Game tied 0-0 middle of inning 2
2SPCharlie Morton (Rays) Still pitching for AL
22BKetel Marte (Dbacks) Strikeout
2LFJuan Soto (Nats) Strikeout
2CFRonald Acuna Jr (Braves) Flyout to leftfield
2Game tied 0-0 end of inning 2
3RPJack Flaherty (Cardinals) Pitching for NL
3DHYoshitomo Tsutsugo (Rays) Liner to 3b
3CChristian Vazquez (RedSox) Single to centerfield
3CFMike Trout (Angels) Popout to pitcher
3LFLuis Robert (WhiteSox) Flyout to left field (1 for 2)
3Game tied 0-0 middle of inning 3
3RPJustin Verlander (Astros)
3COmar Narvaez (Brewers) Grounder to 1b
3DHEugenio Suarez (Reds) Home Run, NL Leads 1-0
3SSTrevor Story (Rockies) Grounder to 3b (0 for 2)
33BJustin Turner (Dodgers) Strikeout (0 for 2)
3Game tied 0-0 end of inning 3
4RPMike Soroka (Braves) Pitching for NL
42BCavan Biggio (BlueJays) Single to leftfield
42BCavan Biggio (BlueJays) Steals second base finishes 1 for 2, 2 stolen bases)
43BJose Ramirez (Indians) Grounder to SS, Biggio advances to 3B (0 for 2)
4RFMax Kepler (Twins) Popout to 2b (0 for 2)
4SSJose Iglesias (Orioles) Popout to 3b (0 for 2)
4Game tied 0-0 middle of inning 4
4RPHyun-Jin Ryu (BlueJays)
4RFChristian Yelich (Brewers) Bunt for hit to pitcher, out 1-3 (1 for 2)
41BPete Alonso (Mets) Single to rightfield (1 for 2)
42BKetel Marte (Dbacks) Strikeout (0 for 2)
4LFJuan Soto (Nats) Flyout to rightfield (0 for 2)
4NL Leads 1-0 end of inning 4
5RPWill Harris (Nats) Pitching for NL
5PHShohei Ohtani (Angels) Flyout to rightfield (0 for 1)
5DHYoshitomo Tsutsugo (Rays) Grounder to shortstop (0 for 2)
5CChristian Vazquez (RedSox) Grounder to pitcher (0 for 2)
5NL Leads 1-0 middle of inning 5
51BDaniel Vogelbach (Mariners) Defensive replacement, 1st base (no at bats)
5RPTyler Glasnow (Rays)
5CFRonald Acuna Jr (Braves) Popout to SS
5COmar Narvaez (Brewers) Grounder to C Vazquez, Vasquez bobbles for error, safe at 1st base (0 for 2)
5CJT Realmuto (Phillies) pinch run for Narvaez
5SSTrea Turner (Nats) Popout to 3b
53BEduardo Escobar (Dbacks) pinchhit for J Turner, double to CF, Realmuto thrown out 8-6-2 by Trout (1 for 1, double)
5NL Leads 1-0 end of inning 5
6RPKirby Yates (Padres) Pitching for NL
6CFMike Trout (Angels) Grounder to SS (0 for 3, one defensive gem, threw out runner at home)
6LFJoey Gallo (Rangers) pinch hit for Robert; Single to leftfield (1 for 1)
62BDJ LeMahieu (Yankees) Pinchhit for Biggio; popout to 2b
63BRafael Devers (RedSox) Flyout to left field
6NL Leads 1-0 middle of inning 6
6RPKen Giles (BlueJays)
6RFBryce Harper (Phillies) pinchhit for Yelich; strikeout
61BMarcus Thames (Nats) pinchhit for Suarez; single to centerfield (1 for 1)
61BJosh Bell (Pirates) Strikeout
62BOzzie Albies (Braves) pinchhit for K Marte; walk
6CFCody Bellinger (Dodgers) pinchhit for Soto; Strikeout (0 for 1)
6NL Leads 1-0 end of inning 6
7RPJosh Hader (Brewers) Pitching for NL
7RFAaron Judge (Yankees) Strikeout
7SSGleyber Torres (Yankees) Strikeout
73BAnthony Rendon (Angels) Pinchhit for Vogelbach; Grounder to 2B
7NL Leads 1-0 middle of inning 7
7RPLiam Hendriks (Athletics)
71BJose Abreu (WhiteSox) Defensive Replacement at 1st base
7LFMike Yastremski (Giants) Popout to 1B (0 for 1)
7CJT Realmuto (Phillies) Strikeout (0 for 1, thrown out at plate after PR)
7SSTrea Turner (Nats) Flyout to CF (0 for 2)
7NL Leads 1-0 end of inning 7
8RPWill Smith (Braves) Pitching for NL
8SSAdalberto Mondesi (Royals) Pinch hit for Tsutsugo; Single to Centerfield
82BDJ LeMahieu (Yankees) Popout to 1b
8SSAdalberto Mondesi (Royals) Stole 2nd base (1 for 1, one stolen base)
8PHJose Altuve (Astros) Strikeout (0 for 1)
8LFJorge Soler (Royals) pinch hit for Trout; Popout to pitcher (0 for 1)
8PHVladimir Guerrero Jr. (BlueJays) pinchhit for Gallo, ground out to 3b
8NL Leads 1-0 middle of inning 8
8RPNick Anderson (Rays)
8CFJaCoby Jones (Tigers) Defensive replacement, centerfield (0 at bats)
8CYasmani Grandal (WhiteSox) defensive replacement at catcher
83BNolan Arenado (Rockies) pinchhit for Escobar, strikeout (0 for 1)
8RFBryce Harper (Phillies) Grounder to pitcher (0 for 2)
83BJD Davis (Mets) pinchhit for Thames, single to centerfield (1 for 1, run scored)
81BJosh Bell (Pirates) 3-run Home Run, NL Leads 3-0
8RPAroldis Chapman (Yankees)
82BOzzie Albies (Braves) Strikeout (0 for 1, walk)
8NL Leads 3-0 end of inning 8
9RPScott Oberg (Rockies) Pitching for NL
93BRafael Devers (RedSox) Single to centerfield (1 for 2)
9RFAaron Judge (Yankees) Flyout to centerfield
9SSGleyber Torres (Yankees) Strikeout (0 for 2, game over, NL wins 3-0)
9NL Wins 3-0

The American League put speed on the bases early, getting three fast baserunners into scoring position in the first four innings - but they failed to score the the National League eventually won the Statis-Pro All-Star game 3-0 with two home runs.

The second batter of the game, White Sox Cuban rookie Luis Robert drove a triple into centerfield, to threaten to score early. The NL infield was drawn in, and Cavan Biggio's grounder to second baseman Ketel Martel was fired home to nail Robert. The AL kept the pressure up immediately when Biggio then stole second base but Ramirez fouled out to the catcher.

Biggio then led off the fourth inning with a single to leftfield, stole second, and went to third on a grounder to third base to again put the potential go-ahead run 90 feet away with one out. Howeve,r Kepler and Iglesias popped out to end the threat.

MVP Suarez homered in the bottom of the fourth inning, then in the eight inning Bell provided insurance with a 2-run homer for the final 3-0 margin.

Max Scherzer (Nats) 210001
Jack Flaherty (Cardinals) 110000
Mike Soroka (Braves) 110000W1-0
Will Harris (Nats) 100000H1
Kirby Yates (Padres) 110000H1
Josh Hader (Brewers) 100002H1
Will Smith (Braves) 110001H1
Scott Oberg (Rockies) 110001S1
NL Total960005
Charlie Morton (Rays) 210003
Justin Verlander (Astros) 100000
Hyun-Jin Ryu (BlueJays) 121100L 0-1
Tyler Glasnow (Rays) 110000
Ken Giles (BlueJays) 110003
Liam Hendriks (Athletics) 100001
Nick Anderson (Rays) 0.220001
Aroldis Chapman (Yankees) 0.100001
AL Total871109

The set up for the NL Commissioner to sit on the left with his team, and the AL Commissioner on the right for his team is in place. This will be the final game with this design of cards as the AL will move to new projected cards for the second half of the season.

A closer shot of the NL team features the bullpen on the left, then the starters on top with reserves at their position under them.

Likewise the closer shot of the AL player cards. HEB, one if the Astros top TV sponsors, features a bag behind the AL team.

Results once the game is complete!

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