Monday, July 20, 2020

Debut Score sheets and Free 2020 Statis-Pro Cards and Game; Machado Stops Cole's Perfecto but Yanks Dominate

To play Statis-pro baseball just click on the score sheet for each of the 30 teams, which now includes cards for all 30 teams based on Zips projections. See the (free game here). Search "new games" to find where newest game score sheets start.

This blog includes the games we have played. In our season five teams from each league were relegated, while the 10 AL teams below and 10 NL teams being played separately continue to play for four division Championship byes and eight wild card spots.

AL "East"WLDivWCUpcoming 2-game seriesplayoffs
NYY492907LAA, Min, Mil (3) 2-Bye
TB.  4830-26CWS, LAA, StL (3)3 vs 6-cws
Cle4038-9-2Hou, Oak, Tor (3)Out 
Bost3642-13-6Hou, Oak, Pit (3)Out 
Tor. 3543-14-7Cle, Hou, Min, (3)Out 
AL "West"WLDivWCUpcoming 2-game seriesplayoffs
Hou472508Bos, Cle, Tor, CWS (4)1-Bye
Min4335-72NYY, Tor, Tex (3)4 vs 5-oak
LAA4137-9-1NYY, TB, Phi (3)Out
Oak. 3933-80Bos, Cle, CWS, CHC (4)  5 vs 4-min
CWS4236-80TB, Hou, Oak (3)6 vs 3-tb

The grid of all series are in this google sheet. Bold opponents indicates games against a relegated (therefore easier opponent). After all series above, each team will have played two games against the other 9 teams in these AL standings, two NL qualifiers, and 5 relegated teams.

As a sample, here is the score sheet and game notes for the 2-game series between the Yankees and Padres, which you can click on and stretch out to see the result of every at bat.

For the past month I've been plugging a set of Basic because the batters cards seemed as accurate as the Advanced Cards produced by Derrick Beckner that I use for all-time games. Unfortunately when I pointed out the formulas for those Basic cards allowed way too many hits to be allowed by most pitchers, rather than simply considering revising his cards the creator was defensive and I simply created the 2020 cards myself so you can play your own games with them. I suggest using the sheets for your pitcher cards, and use a stack of cards you already have or choose to buy for your line-ups, but I did include a second sheet on the google sheet with rough batters cards - so you can play without buying anything except a few dice.

New games

Dbacks crush Ohtani to complete 8-4 and 12-3 domination to knock Angels out of playoffs for now

The Angels would not make the playoffs if the Statis-pro season ended today, as even with a great card Ohtani was blasted as hard as he was in his actual 2020 season.

Manchado spoils Cole perfect game, but Yanks blast Padres, pull within 1 of Astros (13-0, 6-1).

Through 8 innings, Cole allowed only one base-runner (Machado double) and striking out 13 in a 13-0 win. That saved the 4 ace relievers to close out the 2nd game. The score sheet appears at the top of this blog.

Twins lose 2-5 and 0-4 to Nats - Scherzer 15k, 1 H and 2 W in shutout

Twins fall percentage points behind Angels to flip 4- and 5- seeds.

White Sox 8-6 and 10-9 over Orioles when 2 9th inning DEEP drives caught at wall

The White Sox continued to slug, finally catching the A's for a virtual tie for the 6th and final AL playoff spot. This was our first game played since the actual MLB season started.

Tigers 3-1 win, then Red Sox 4-1

At the 78-game mark for all AL East teams, the Red Sox managed only a split with their weakest opponent left on the schedule, staying 13 games behind the Yankees for 1st and six out of the playoffs.

Indians pull within 2 games of playoffs, 9-1 and 4-2 over Marlins 

Pitching (assume 1 inning pitched unless parenthesis for number if innings) runs allowed. Each # symbol means one unearned run.

Indians - 1st Game, beiber (8.0) 1 w, Rodriguez 0. 2nd game, Plurko ( 3.0*) 0, wittgren 0, Maton (0.2) 1, wood (1.1) 0 W, Hoyt 0, Perez 0, Hand 0 S.

Marlins - 1st game, Hernandez (4.0) 7## L, neibert 0, Duggar 0, stekenridge 0, Brigham 1, alcantara 0. 2nd game, Lopez (6.0) 3 L, sharp 1, stanek 1, tarpley 9.

Mariners scrap past Rays once, Rays respond with blowout to stay within game of Yanks

Rays best pitching staff in game.

Mariners Speed Upsets Rays 7-5; Tsutsugo in Rays 10-2 win to stay within a game of Yanks.

Tsutsugo 3 homers in 2-game series.

Blue Jays Playoff Hopes Fade with 7-2, 10-2 Losses to Rangers

Blue Jays' ace Ryu pitched 7 great innings in a 2-2 tie, but when the Blue Jays young sluggers do not put up their normal great numbers they are in trouble. In the 8th inning, Gallo's 3-run but HR started a 9-inning stretch during which the Rangers scored 15 runs. The complete sweep was a huge blow to the young Blue Jays' playoff hopes, as they are now 7 games out of the last wild card spot.

In their last 6 at bats, respectively, Gallo had three hits including two home runs, and Choo (batting before him in the No. 3 spot)  had 5 hits including one home run. In the second game, Rangers ace Lance Lynn went 8 strong innings to wrap up the 7-2 and 10-2 wins.

Once the schedule at the top is done the strength of schedule will be balanced and all 10 teams will have played 6 games against each other, as well as the same number of relegated teams (5 from each league that did not make the cutoff for the top 10) and NL teams who did advance. The free instructions are here. All you need is a few dice. However, while we don't sell anything, we do recommend once you try out the game you order your own playing cards and we recommend using adjustments for ball parks based on this chart,

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