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Dominican Stars Help Padres beat over achieving Giants with new free Statis-Pro cards and Game Rules

Dominican-American Super start Manny Machado homered to help the Padres improve to 2-1 with the Padres Dominican Dinelson Lamet in the Statis-Pro board game. The Dominican Republic already won the international season in the game - but the addition of Machado help the Padres become a contender in real life and in the game based on the Power Ratings and click here for our MLB rosters.

Here are the standings as we start the next round of NL Statis-Pro games with new player cards and a few new rules in use. This next round started with the Padres beating the overachieving Giants twice to knock them out of a 3-way tie with the heavily favored Dodgers (ranked tied in first with the Yankees for best overall Statis-Pro cards) and the Diamondbacks.

While more than 11,000 have visited the instructions for how to play the basic version of the game with the cards provided, we do continue to suggest you try these as your free version and then order the great cards from the Advanced Statis-Pro Facebook page (we are not connected with them, only believe they have the best player cards we have seen and ordered).

The Braves and Cubs led the other two divisions while the Giants and Diamondbacks would play in the wild card game if the season ended today. However, the Power Rankings make it look like the Nats and Phillies are the favorites to end up as the two wild card teams. the standings and a sentence on each game played are recorded on this google doc. (My friend is playing the AL this year, as we rotate each year).

NL CentralWLGB

The changes we made once every team had played 10 games, and some basic rules:

For the first time in current play in my decades of playing, we have added the PB: 4-7 and PB: 2-4 cards - something we've already used playing the great all-time teams provided via the Statis-Pro Advanced Facebook page. I go through an pretty exhaustive breakdown of how I distribute the park neutral PB ratings here.

Due to a shortage of pitchers, we experimented with international rules the first 10 games of the season -starting players on 1st and 2nd base each extra inning and letting the 9th inning pitcher stay in the game to play it out. It was a fun twist, but now that each team has plenty of pitchers on the google sheet of players and the fact that teams will get down to PB2-4 pitchers to make runs more likely as it goes deeper in extra innings we are now playing normal MLB rules for each game.

In addition to his great cards, we noted that the Advanced Statis-Pro facebook provider also changed the left-right match-ups so that you only change the Random numbers of 11 or 12 to outs in a lefty vs lefty match-up, and only change one number in the other combinations (righty vs. righty is changed to strikeout only on an 11, while the advantage of left vs. right no matter which the batter is and which the pitcher is now is only changed on a random number of 88 - turning from an out to a single with runner advancing two bases.

Because the free player sheets we provide only tell you if something is a single or double and not which field the ball is hit to like the actual player cards provided on the Facebook page - the direction of the hit is determined by the last digit of the random number on the card:

11 = if the batter is an OBR A or B then check the next number for the CD to determine which of the 9 fielders played the single - this is the only chance for an infield singled but it could go to the outfielder. Otherwise:

The batter pulls the single or double if the last digit of the random number is a 1, 2 or 3 (11, 12, 13, 21, 22, 23, 31, 32, 33, etc.

All batters hit the ball to centerfield if the last digit is a 4, 5 or 6 (14, 15, 16, 24, 25, 26, etc.).

The batter his the ball to the opposite field if the final digit is a 7 or 8 (17, 18, 27, 28, etc.)

When a clutch batting (BD) is drawn with someone on the base and a projected card that does not have BD ranges then we use the batters card and make the following conversions:

1B - becomes base clearing double
2B - becomes home run
3B - stays triple
HR - stays home run
K - stays strike out
W or HPB - change to foul and draw RN again for BD until you get another result
Out - deep drive caught but all runners move up a base.

Each game still counts as a three-game series with the winner normally getting credit for 2 wins and the loser 1 win. The exception is if one team has a 5-run lead at the end of the 8th inning without using their closer through eight and they need to just hold the lead in the 9th.

Season summaries starting with 11th game for each team. The summaries of the first 92 games played in this season are tracked in this google doc with the 93rd and 94th games recorded below with the  - San Diego vs. San Francisco series.

SD beats SF 2-1 (paddock vs. Lamet) The 1st "average" pitcherwith a PB4-7, Suerez did his part with only 1 run allowed through 5 IP , but in the7th Machado GW -1b gave Padres 2-1; overachieving Giants fell from 3-way tie for 1st.

SD beats SF 6-3 (Suerez vs. Samardzija) Kinsler's Grandslam after Samardzija walked the 1st three of the 4th inning rallied the Padred from a 3-1 deficit en route to a 6-3 win to pull within 2 games of 1st in the NL West.

St. Louis 12, Kansas City 0 (Reyes vs. Junis) – (sweep credit) Cards broke out of an ice cold start when Molina's 3-run HR and DeJong's grandslam keyed 5-run 1st and 2nd innings. The rotation struggles led to 11-19 start, but Reyes' shutout.

St. Louis 6, Kansas City 4 (Martinez vs. Kennedy) - With 4-4 tie, Ozuna walked to start 9th and Cards only speedster Robinson pinch ran, stole 2nd, went to third on wild pitch, and just beat throw home on grounder to short for winning run. Kennedy was the first PB2-4 to ever start a current game for me.

Diamondbacks vs. Nationals

Washington 9, Arizona 2 (Strasburg vs. Greinke) – (sweep credit) After outdueling Astros Verlander & Phillies Nola, Greinke's 2-1 lead disappeared in a 4th inning in which 2b Flores errored, and misplayed easy CD grounder 2-run, then left after rain delay

Washington 4, Arizona 3 (Corbin vs. Godley) - Nats clean-up hitter Rendon hit 2 homers, and Corbin made it into the 7th before getting help from the great pen.

5 in 10 innings (Ryu vs. Wood) - Reds Erwin pinch ran in 8th, stole and scored tying run, then threw out Pollock trying to score from 2nd to force extra innings. However, Muncy's 10th inn HR of Lorenzen gave LA 9th straight.

LA Dodgers 12, Cincinnati 7 (Buehler vs. Castillo) - Dodgers pounded out 9 runs in 1st and led 12-0 when Buehler tired after 5 LA Dodgers 6, Cincinnati scoreless innings. However, Reds pounded out 7 off what was left of Dodgers bullpen after extra inning affair.

Rockies vs. Marlins

Braves vs. Phillies

Mets vs. Cubs

Brewers vs. Pirates

All-Star Break - all teams at 36 game record (12 actual games played - shooting for 23

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