Tuesday, September 20, 2022

Awful Angels - Despite 2 Trout HRs

 How can a team with Mike Trout and Shohei Ohtani be this bad both in real MLB and in our Statis-Pro season. Check our the player cards for yourself and the score sheet below. They gave up 17 runs in 2 games and could have been much more. 

To make it easier to print Statis-Pro player cards based on 2022 projected stats, we broke the pitchers cards in half and changed everything to a PDF. To print player cards with each sheet containing only one team, click for the 2022 Batters, 2022 Pitchers from Arizona to Miami, and 2022 Pitchers from Milwaukee to Washington.

4 of the 6 playoff teams of projected Statis-Pro teams is the season ended today would also make the actual MLB playoffs. The two differences are the Red Sox and Twins would make the Statis-Pro playoffs while the Mariners and Rays would make the actual MLB playoffs.

Dalbec drew a clutch batting card (BD) twice in a row with bases loaded in the top of the 10th but hit two foul home runs or the final would have been 11-7 instead of the 8-7 win. The first game was a 9-2 sweep as No. 8 batter Arroyo had a homer and 3 doubles.

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