Sunday, August 7, 2022

deGrom, all Pitchers Cards update by Post-Trade Deadline Team

In celebration of Jacob deGrom returning to Citifield to strike out 12 of the first 17 Atlanta Braves he faced without allowing a baserunner, you can now click on our updated (post trade deadline) Statis-Pro Pitching Cards by Aug. 7 2022 team. Each page now contains pitchers from only one team - so you only need to print two or three pages for each team starting with the page with the team name in the upper left corner.

The changes from the previous set of 2022 Projected Cards are the following:

1. We updated each player's team and resorted so the players on each team are together (e.g. page 36 of 63 below includes 9 of the Mets pitchers, starting with deGrom and ending wiht David Peterson).

2. If a player did not have a card (as deGrom did not in our early season run since he was on 60-day DL) then they were added and the word "new" appears by their team name.

3. If a player changed teams, then we indicated were he was in the original set near the beginning of the year. For example, the "NYM fr CHC" indicates Mychal Givens is with the Mets but came from (fr) the Cubs in the original deck.

4. If a player had a card in the original set, but we do not see him on the roster or on any other MLB roster, then we put a question mark by the team name in case he re-emerges. 

5. In our league we do not use any player card if the player is suspended or on 60-day DL. On the page below the one player we are not currently using is Joey Lucchesi due to being on 60-day DL, which is indicated in this blog on which players by team are on DL.

We will try to do the batters, but the matching requires a lazy afternoon with baseball on in the background. 

For now to use batters, check first on the projected 2022 batters cards from the beginning of the season.  If a key batter was traded who did not have an opening week card, go to this sheet of all batters to either find the player or use a cards based on his OPS. We have updated the data for the batters, which you can find on this sheet, but it has not been merged into cards yet.

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