Sunday, August 28, 2022

Statis-Pro Orioles Added as Series 10 for all 10 Teams

In light of the stunning and fantastic season, the Baltimore Orioles were added to our Statis-Pro League. We were in the 8th series for each team, meaning the 3rd and 4th starters for each team.

The Orioles home run ball park factor is 11-43, so 44-88 is a deep sac fly.

Each team was scheduled to play their 9th and final opponent in our 10 team league in a final series, but we wanted to round it out at 10 series to allow each team to run through it's 4-man rotation in the game five times.  We went ahead and figured out the starters for each game to make sure all teams also faced the fair number of Aces, as well as 2nd, 3rd and 4th best starters on opponents teams.

We updated our table of games and all results on this sheet, Here is the whole Orioles scheduled on top, following up with every teams remaining schedule before the playoffs.

Now that we know the schedule, we will play the 2-game series in any order. In our game relievers are allowed to pitch in one game in every two game series, so it doesn't matter the order of games.
Kremer (Bal)Pivetta (Bos)Series 10
Wells (Bal)Hill (Bos)Series 10
Means (Bal)Giolito (CWS)Series 10
Akin (Bal)Kopech (CWS)Series 10
Kremer (Bal)Mckenzie (Cle)Series 10
Wells (Bal)Plesac (Cle)Series 10
Kremer (Bal)Garcia (Hou)Series 10
Wells (Bal)Javier (Hou)Series 10
Akin (Bal)Sandoval (LAA)Series 10
Kremer (Bal)Detmers (LAA)Series 10
Means (Bal)Gray (Min)Series 10
Wells (Bal)Bundy (Min)Series 10
Means (Bal)Cole (NYY)Series 10
Akin (Bal)Montas (NYY)Series 10
Means (Bal)Ray (Sea)Series 10
Akin (Bal)Castillo (Sea)Series 10
Means (Bal)Kluber (TBR)Series 10
Akin (Bal)Romero (TBR)Series 10
Kremer (Bal)Gausman (Tor)Series 10
Wells (Bal)White (Tor)Series 10
Pivetta (Bos)Detmers (LAA)Series 8
Hill (Bos)suarez (laa)Series 8
Eovaldi (Bos)Manoah (Tor)Series 9
Hill (Bos)Berrios (Tor)Series 9
Cease (CWS)McClanahan (TBR)Series 8
Lynn (CWS)Rasmussen (TBR)Series 8
Cease (CWS)Gilbert (Sea)Series 9
Lynn (CWS)Boyd (sea)Series 9
Mckenzie (Cle)Gilbert (Sea)Series 8
Plesac (Cle)Boyd (sea)Series 8
Bieber (Cle)King (NYY)Series 9
Quantrill (Cle)German (NYY)Series 9
Verlander (Hou)McClanahan (TBR)Series 9
McCullers (Hou)Rasmussen (TBR)Series 9
Ohtani (LAA)Ryan (Min)Series 9
suarez (laa)Ober (Min)Series 9
Ober (Min)Gausman (Tor)Series 8
Bundy (Min)White (Tor)Series 8

If both teams are mathematically eliminated from finishing in the top 6, then the series will not be played.

First Wild Card series will be 6th vs 3rd, and the other will be 5th vs. 4th.  = 3 game series.

The higher seed that advances will then play the 2nd seed, and the higher winner will play the regular season winner. = 7-game series.

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