Thursday, May 23, 2019

Rolling the Dice on 3-day Weekend for Basketball and Baseball All-Time Greats

With Giannis Antetokounmpo (the Greek Freak) hoping to lead the Milwaukee Bucks to a win tonight to get them back to Marquette's home court for Game 7, and the great three day weekend full of major league baseball as well as the college baseball and softball playoff picks - I have a rare chance to get off the work computer and roll dice to replay great old basketball and baseball match-ups.

Yes my brothers make fun of me for playing dice and card games - but for me the break from spending 12 or 14 hour work days staring at excel sheets, or a screen for getting through my phone calls, or writing, all with cable news in the background my break is one that does not involved video games. Instead, I like to turn off the computer and pull out the dice and my free baseball and basketball replay games  by clicking basketball game here for current instructions and player cards for Value Add Basketball or here for players and instructions for Statis-Pro baseball - where you can find the gold standard for cards for all players by following the Statis Pro Baseball Advanced page.

Should match-up the unhittable Bob Gibson from the 1960s against Joe Morgan and the Big Red Machine on the 1970s  in Statis-Pro baseball left of 2nd photo) or maybe the 1984 Detroit Tigers against one of the greatest Yankees teams of all time from 1927 (Ruth and Gehrig), 1939 (DiMaggio) or 2000 (Jeter). Or the same dice could let the 2008 Kansas Jayhawks that stunned John Calipari's Memphis see if they could do the same against him with the greatest college player of the Century Anthony Davis (see right and center of Value Add Basketball game). Or maybe one of the old Big East Powers of Carmelo Anthony and 2003 Syracuse or 2004 UConn against the 2018 Villanova or UNC or Duke from the ACC?

Here are the two games side-by-side with the same dice needed for both except a second 8-sided die needed for baseball. I hope you enjoy however you break away from work this weekend in preparation for remembering those lost defending our freedom to play silly games and remember the great sports we've enjoyed living in our country made safe by their sacrifice. - John Pudner 404.606.3163

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