Saturday, May 4, 2019

Statis-Pro Standings Through 5 to 8 Games Each

With college basketball behind us, we have our first Statis-Pro baseball results with the new player cards. You can play the dice version with the google sheet of all players based on their projected stats, or buy the new set of cards and fast action cards for an even quicker play.

In the NL, the 2018 cards are being used for the rosters of the top eight teams, and so far the Yankees are nudging out the field with each team having played seven or eight games. In addition, each team played one or two Interleague Games for the other league, which only count as exhibition games but are noted here. The teams not in the league still played a game or two exhibition games against the AL:

AL TeamsWinsLossesIL exhibitions (1 or 2 games)
Yankees52crushed Mets once
Athletics52swept by Giants
Indians53split with Pirates
Red Sox43swept Marlins
Astros44swept Astros
Angels34lost 1 game to Dodgers
Rays25split with Phillies
Mariners16beat Padres 1 game
Rangerssplit with Rockies
Tigerssplit with Brewers
Twinscrushed Cardinals 1 game
White Soxbeat Cubs 1 game
Oriolesswept by Braves
Royalslost 1 game to Reds
Blue Jayskilled by Nationals one game

The NL league is being played with the projected cards and while each team has played 5 to 8 games, we could each game as three games. If a team wins in a game they led by at last 5 runs throughout innings WITHOUT using their ace reliever for that game then they are credited for a three games to none win. If they win any other game, they are credited with a 2 games to 1 win.

The two teams that have played backward so far are the Giants, who are leading the tight NL West though it is practically a 4-team tie, and the Cardinals whose first seven games have not turned out well. Here are the standings in each division.

NL EastWinsLossesGB

NL CentralWinsLossesGB

NL WestWinsLossesGB

Click here for a one-line note on each game. 

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