Friday, May 17, 2019

SEC Early Standings in Value Add Basketball Game

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The playing cards are divided into six conferences of 7 teams each. We started with games in the SEC as the round robin will including each team facing the other six.

Here are the standings with record, then point difference as the tie-breaker.

Kentucky 2012 (2-0 record, points 149-122) - Barely escaped a pesky George Mason defense, never taking the lead until Anthony Davis blocked a shot, kept the rebound and went to to the other end to give Kentucky their first lead of the game at 56-55 with 6:05 left. The stunning close call was not repeated - they jumped all over LSU in the second game as the incredible front court of Kidd-Gilchrist (18 points), Jones (20) and Davis (30) outscored LSU by 10 points by themselves in an 83-58 final.

Auburn 2019 (1-0, 61-51) - The only player besides Anthony Davis who scored 30 points was Okeke, and his accounted for almost half of the points in Auburn's 10-point win over VCU. Great defense and doubling up VCU's contested rebounds was the difference.

Florida 2006 (1-0, 67-66) - The two-time national champs was in control against South Carolina until the strategies in the game worked perfectly in the closing moments (see below). Horford was the dominant rebound and added 5 steals.

South Carolina 2017 (0-1, 66-67) - Trailing the whole game by at least several points, two of the games strategy options came into play. South Carolina chose to go for the steal and then foul while putting in two extra 3-point shooters and trying for 3-pointers if possible. Trailing 67-61, Sidarius Thornwell stole the ball in between a 2-pointer and 3-pointer from Rakym Felder off the bench to make it 67-66 before Florida forced a turnover to hold on.

George Mason 2006 (0-1, 64-66) - It's doubtful George Mason could repeat their near stunning upset of perhaps the best team - Kentucky. Butler scored 23 points to combine with great defense.

VCU 2011 (0-1, 51-61) - The Rams balanced offense and pressure defense was led by Skeen's 15 points in a low scoring loss.

LSU 2006 (0-1, 58-83) - Glenn Davis should dominate some at center, but he was no match for Anthony Davis and Kentucky's dominant line.

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