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Great Teams of the 21st Century - Value Add Basketball Game

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March Madness' 42 Greatest Teams of the 21st Century group into the following six 7-team conferences to play off using the Value Add Basketball Dice Game. We chose only the best year for each school with team(s) that either made the Final Four or ranked in the top five at

The teams were ranked based on how far their went in March Madness, followed by seed, with the team's rating at as the final tie-breaker. Here are the 42 Great Teams:

ACC (Past & Present)

TeamYearConfHow far they wentSeed
North Carolina2005ACCChampion1
Syracuse2003Big EastChampion3
Georgia Tech2004ACCRunner-Up3
Pittsburgh2009Big EastPomeroy 3rd1

The ACC boasts four of the nine teams in the game that won the National Championship after also meriting a 1-seed, and would have more if we allowed more than one team per school. The addition of great teams from Pittsburgh and Syracuse, who were actually in the Big East during their runs, makes this conference so loaded that we play to allow the top two teams in the round robin into the Elite 8 tourament at the end, and even have the third place team in the 4-team play-in for the last spot. UVa ranks as the highest of the four 1-seed champions based on the highest rating.

Big 12 (&A10)

TeamYearConfHow far they wentSeed
Kansas2008Big 12Champion1
Texas Tech2019Big 12Runner-Up3
Texas2003Big 12Final 41
Oklahoma State2004Big 12Final 42
Oklahoma2002Big 12Final 42
West Virginia2010Big EastFinal 42
Saint Joseph's2004A10Pomeroy 3rd1

Texas Tech's near miss of a second Big 12 champion boasts them as the second seeded team in this round robin. The second place team in the round robin will play the third place team in the ACC in one preliminary semifinal for the 8th and final spot in the tournament.

Big East (past & present)

TeamYearConfHow far they wentSeed
Villanova2018Big EastChampion1
Louisville2013Big EastChampion1
Connecticut2004Big EastChampion2
Georgetown2007Big EastFinal 42
Marquette2003CUSAFinal 43
Cincinnati2002Big EastPomeroy 2nd1

While some great Big East teams were placed in their current ACC or Big 12, we kept the Louisville 2013 national champions and the Marquette and Butler who joined the Big East after Final Four runs. The second place team in the round robin will play the SEC second place team in the other semifinal for the final Elite 8 spot.

Big Ten

TeamYearConfHow far they wentSeed
Wisconsin2015Big TenRunner-Up1
Illinois2005Big TenRunner-Up1
Ohio State2007Big TenRunner-Up1
Michigan State2009Big TenRunner-Up2
Michigan2018Big TenRunner-Up3
Indiana2002Big TenRunner-Up5
Purdue2018Big TenPomeroy 5th2

The "near miss" conference boasts six great teams who lost in the title game and then Purdue, who were kept out of the Final Four only by a miracle scenario by UVa.


TeamYearConfHow far they wentSeed
Oregon2017Pac-12Final 43
Wichita State2013MVCFinal 49
Loyola-Chicago2018MVCFinal 411
Arizona2015Pac-12Pomeroy 4th2

Since three Pac-12 teams dominated the conference runs, we put several of the other great teams from other conferences together with them to make a seven team conference, including the Memphis and Gonzaga teams that just missed the title and two Missouri Valley Cinderellas.

SEC (& Colonial)

TeamYearConfHow far they wentSeed
LSU2006SoutheasternFinal 44
Auburn2019SoutheasternFinal 45
South Carolina2017SoutheasternFinal 47
George Mason2006ColonialFinal 411
VCU2011ColonialFinal 411

The 2015 Kentucky Wildcats are likely the best team of the Century, but since Wisconsin upset them in the semifinal it falls to the best college basketball player of the century - Anthony Davis - to represent them in a conference that includes another of the most dominant teams of the century in Florida.

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