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Baseball Pitching Match-ups and Results: International and College Alumni Teams

Our complete MLB season is complete! Click here for the final World Series result. The first wrap up of the first two rounds of the offseason baseball games between teams representing six national teams and four college baseball conference teams is continued in this blog of the second time through each team's rotation. 

Multi-coast DivisionW-L
GB Land-centric DivisionW-L
Dominican Republic12-6
--- Venezuela13-5
Japan-S.Korea (or Hawaii)7-8
3.5 SEC10-8
Mexico (all of C. America)6-9
4.5 ACC7-8
Puerto Rico (& New York)6-9
4.5 Big-128-7
Cuba (or Miami)6-12
6.0 Pac-126-9

Each team will face each divisional foe in a 3-game series. The next two games for each team will be their two 1-game series out of the division:

We keep the grid of match-ups and all results in this google sheet

1-game series - Aces vs. Aces

Japan-S.Korea (Darvish 2-1, 0.00) at SEC (Scherzer 2-1, 1.50) - SEC 3, Japan 2. Coming off a no-hitter, Darvish was tagged for three straight sec singles in the 1st inning (Yaz, anderson, mccann) and fell behind 3-0. Japan finally chased Scherzer in the 8th with singles by Wong and Tsutgago, and then brought in those 2 runs once Rogers relieve on an rbi single by Choi and then a wild pickoff attempt by Rogers.

Cuba (Peacock 0-3, 13.50) at Venezuela (Carrasco 1-2, 3.83) - Venezuela 3, Cuba 1. Peacock (born in Miami) finally gave Cuba a decent starting pitcher performance with 4 innings and 1 run allowed, but Perez 2nd double if the game keyed a 2-run 6th. The Cuban team that entered the game 2nd in homers managed no extra base hits. Two of their 5 singles came in the 7th where they loaded the bases after cutting the score to 3-1 but reliever Graterol induced a pinch hit double play grounder by Y. Gurriel to preserve the 3-1 win for carrasco (6 scoreless innings). - Cuba 5-31, 0 HR, venezuela 4-28 0 HR.

Dominican Republic (Castillo 2-1, 3.60) at Pac-12 (Cole 1-2, 2.25). Dominican Republic 9, Pac-12 3 (not a sweep). The Dominican Republic slugged 4 more homers and used 6 hits to chase Cy Young candidate Cole after 4 innings. Conforto's 3-run homer broke D. Castillo's shutout in the 7th and prevented a sweep by cutting the score to 5-3 through the 8th. A team must be up by 5 runs at the end of the 8th for a sweep, so the 4 runs they tacked on in the top of the 9th were too late. They are still 4 games ahead 2nd place Japan in the division. DR 10 of 36, 4 HR, Pac-12 11 of 35, 1 HR.

ACC (Lewicki 3-0, 3.60) at  at Puerto Rico (Corbin 2-1, 5.40) -Puerto Rico 4, ACC 3 (10 innings).  After both deep bullpens marched 0's in the 5th through 9th, Carlos Correa singled in Lindor to toe the game 3-3 in the 10th. He took second on the throw home, and then scored when ACC shortstop Treat Turner (NC State) could not come up with Rosario's single. Turner is a great hitter but below average shortstop (CD 2), and Puerto Rico actually had 3 gold glove nominees playing in their infield (Correa, Baez, Lindor, all CD5), all of which could have made the play.

Big 12 (Gray 1-2, 1.80)  at Mexico (Gonzalez 1-2, 0.00) - Big-12 4, Mexico 1. Jon Gray threw 7 shutout innings, and Cron and Carpenter homered, but the Big-12 left Holiday on 3rd base in the 7th to fall short of the sweep with a 4-0 lead after 8 innings. The Urias continued to star for Mexico, as R. Urias homered in the 9th to break the shutout and started a rally before a bases loaded double play. J. Urias gave 2 strong innings in relief after V.Gonzalez could only last 3 innings to end a great streak of started for Mexican pitchers. The Big-12 passed the ACC for second place with the win.

1-game Series No. 4 vs. No. 4 Starter

ACC (Thornton 3-0, 0.00)  at Mexico (Agrazal 2-1, 0.00)

Big 12 (Means 2-1, 2.25) at Japan-S.Korea (Uehara 3-0, 9.73)

Cuba (Bolanos 0-3, 4.50) at SEC (Buehler 1-2, 1.58) - Cuba 4, SEC 3. A big blow to the SEC, which lost to the Water District's last place team Cuba, to fall 3 games behind Land District leader Venezuela. The SEC seemed to have the big pitching edge with Buehler as the best No. 4 starter in the league, but the Cubans can hit and chased him with five hits and three runs in four innings. J. Iglesius and Diaz had three hits apiece to lead a six hit attack. The Cuban pitching is the weakness, until they get to the 8th and 9th for dual closers R. Iglesias and Chapman, but this time they turned it over to them with a 4-2 lead. Chapman did give up a rare homer to Anderson, but held on for the Save.

Dominican Republic (Valdez 1-2, 5.40) at Venezuela (Suarez 3-0, 0.00) - Venezuela 5, Dominican Republic 4. In the only game of the year between the two Division leaders, R. Suarez and two relievers held the dominant DR line-up in check and Altuve homered for a 5-0 Venezuela lead through seven innings ... and then held on for dear life. The Dominican Republican scored three runs of five hits in the 8th inning, then K. Marte homered in the 9th, but the rally fell one run short, 5-4.

Pac-12 (Kelly 0-3, 9.00) at Puerto Rico (Hoffman 0-3, 9.00)

2-game series - No. 2 and No. 3 pitchers face off 

ACC (Weaver 0-3, 63.00) at Big 12 (Heaney 1-2, 9.57)

ACC (Hjelle 0-3, 18.00) at Big 12 (Arrieta 2-1, 1.29)


Puerto Rico (Stroman 1-2, 0.00) at Mexico (Loasiga 1-2, 0.00)

Puerto Rico (Berrios 1-2, 4.5.00) at Mexico (Urquidy 1-2, 6.00)


SEC (Gray 2-1, 0.00) at Venezuela (Lopez 2-1, 0.00)

SEC (Woodruff 2-1, 6.75) at Venezuela (Perez 3-0, 2.25)


Cuba (Perez 2-1, 5.40) at Pac-12 (Bauer 2-1, 1.13)

Cuba (Rodon 1-2, 12.00) at Pac-12 (Canning 2-1, 22.50)


Dominican Republic (Lamet 3-0, 15.00) at Japan-S.Korea (Yates 1-2, 0.00) 

Dominican Republic (Severino 3-0, 0.00) at Japan-S.Korea (Ryu 0-3, 5.40) 

Halfway Mark

At this point each team will have 8 games played, and the top teams can play more series until someone has mathematically clinched each division. For example, if the 1st place team in a division played out their final four series and finished 34-14, then each other team could continue to play games until they had lost at lest 15 games and were thus eliminated. The tie-breaker is head-to-head, and if that is tied 3 games a piece, then best record in the division. Only if both are tied is there a one-game tie-breaker.


The winner of each division plays a best-of-7 series.

Note on pitching stats listed

The ERAs by each pitcher are correct, but the records are different from actual Win-Loss records. Each game counts as 3 games - so a 2-1 record means the team won by 5 runs or less so the team was awarded two wins and one loss, while a 3-0 record means the team won by more than 5 runs to the team was awarded 3 wins and 0 losses. These pitcher stats are going into the game that is described once played:

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