Monday, April 13, 2020

Box Score Only for National Title Game; and Samples for Start of Play Box Scores for 20-20 Tie

This blog gives you ideas on how to distribute the 20 points and 13 rebounds before rolling the first dice in a Value Add Basketball Game. We start with an expanded box score from the bottom of our National Championship blog (we never keep all these stats - just decided to for the title game - and the below that we have options for distributing points if you do anything besides giving each player two points and a rebound. 

Creighton 2020 National Champions in Value Add Basketball Tournament - Creighton 77, Duke 69

This is the only time I've done a detailed box score for a game including even missed shots, but as long as I'd decided to record every roll, I went back through and produced this:

Above was the final box score after the national championship.  Below are the stats Creighton started with, as well as the standard starting point for a game (10 players each starting with at least 2 points and 1 rebound etc.) and other cases where a star player may get more at the outset.

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