Tuesday, April 28, 2020

All-Time Great Hoops Teams and Best of 2020 Grouped Into 15-team Conferences

After publishing the new player cards, we were asked about dividing them up into conferences. It seemed the best shot at that was to go to 15 team conferences for the five conferences with plenty of great all-time teams - the ACC, Big 12, Big East, Big Ten, SEC and Pac-12, and then form a 6th and 7th conferences loosely as "East" and "West" to group great teams from other conferences.

Using the really good team from the 2020 set to fill in mainly for teams not represented yet in the current season, it came out pretty close to 15 team conferences, and after moving a few extra teams around a bit, here is what we ended up with as the seven all-time conferences.

Duke 1992ACC
Duke 2010ACC
Florida St. 2020ACC
Georgia Tech 2004ACC
Louisville 1980ACC
Louisville 2013ACC
North Carolina 1982ACC
North Carolina 2005ACC
Notre Dame 1970ACC
Pittsburgh 2009ACC
Syracuse 1987ACC
Syracuse 2003ACC
Virginia 1981ACC
Virginia 2019ACC
Wake Forest 1996ACC
Illinois 2005B10
Indiana 1976B10
Indiana 2002B10
Iowa 2020B10
Maryland 2002B10
Michigan 1989B10
Michigan 2013B10
Michigan St. 1979B10
Michigan St. 2009B10
Minnesota 2020B10
Ohio St. 1960B10
Ohio St. 2007B10
Purdue 1969B10
Purdue 2018B10
Wisconsin 2015B10
Baylor 2020B12
Kansas 1957B12
Kansas 2008B12
Kansas 2020B12
Kansas St. 2008B12
Oklahoma 1985B12
Oklahoma 2016B12
Oklahoma St. (A&M) 1946B12
Oklahoma St. 2004B12
Penn St. 2020B12 (Big 10)
Rutgers 2020B12 (Big 10)
Texas 2003B12
Texas Tech 2019B12
West Virginia 1959B12
West Virginia 2010B12
Butler 2010BE
Connecticut 1999BE
Connecticut 2004BE
Creighton 2020BE
DePaul 1945BE
Georgetown 1984BE
Georgetown 2007BE
Marquette 1977BE
Marquette 2003BE
Providence 2020BE
Seton Hall 1989BE
Seton Hall 2020BE
St. John's 1985BE
Villanova 1985BE
Villanova 2018BE
Davidson 2008East (A10)
Dayton 1967East (A10)
Dayton 2020East (A10)
George Mason 2006East (A10)
Indiana St. 1979East (MVC)
Loyola 1963East (MVC)
Loyola-Chicago 2018East (MVC)
Navy 1986East (Pat)
Princeton 1965East (Ivy)
Rhode Island 2020East (A10)
Richmond 2020East (A10)
St. Joe's 2004East (A10)
UTEP (Texas Western) 1966East (CUSA)
VCU 2011East (A10)
Yale 2020East (Ivy)
Arizona 1997P12
Arizona 2015P12
Arizona St. 2020P12
California 1959P12
Colorado 2020P12
Notre Dame 2020P12 (ACC)
Oregon 2017P12
Seattle 1958P12 (WAC)
St. Louis 2020P12 (A10)
Stanford 2020P12
UCLA 1972P12
UCLA 2006P12
USC 2020P12
Utah 1998P12
Xavier 2020P12 (BE)
Alabama 1977SEC
Arkansas 1994SEC
Auburn 1984SEC
Auburn 2019SEC
Florida 2006SEC
Georgia 1982SEC
Kentucky 1996SEC
Kentucky 2012SEC
Mississippi St. 2020SEC
Missouri 1982SEC
South Carolina 2017SEC
Tennessee 1977SEC
Wake Forest 2004SEC (ACC)
BYU 2020West (WCC)
Cincinnati 1960West (Amer)
Cincinnati 2002West (Amer)
Gonzaga 2017West (WCC)
Houston 1968West (Amer)
Houston 2020West (Amer)
Memphis 2008West (Amer)
Northern Iowa 2020West (MVC)
Saint Mary's 2020West (WCC)
San Diego St. 2011West (MWC)
San Francisco 1956West (WCC)
UNLV 1991West (MWC)
Utah St. 2020West (MWC)
Wichita St. 2013West (Amer)
Wyoming 1943West (MWC)

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