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Dodgers Join Cubs as Divisional Winners - NL East Likely to Claim Other 3 Spots in Statis-Pro

NL EastWinsLossesWin%GBBest CaseRemaining
Wash46320.590058At2 NY2
Atl45330.577-157Wa2 Ph2
Nym42360.538-454Wa2 Ph2
Phi41370.526-553At2 NY2
Other WCWinsLossesWin%GBBest CaseRemaining
SD40380.513-8.552SF2 Ar2
SF40380.513-8.552SD2 Ar2
Ari34410.453-1349SD2 SF2 LA1
Note: Dodgers and Cubs already in playoffs as NL West and Central Champs.
  • NL East Round Robin (Marlins eliminated) 
Narrative of games below: Most likely both wild card spots will be won by NL East teams, however as after playing through there games we will see which of these teams could still win a wild card spot, and finish their games (the Dodgers and Cubs won their division).

In match-up 3 below, Mets jumped on the Braves for a 7-2 win, which counts as a 3-game sweep, to catch the Phillies two games behind the Braves and Nationals after the Nationals beat the Phils 3-2. The exciting finish in the Statis-Pro NL East will wrap up with 5 more games (counting as 15 games each). When that division round robin ends, then any of the other teams still alive for a wild card spot will finish their schedule.

In match-up 10, the Nats pulled into first place with a sweep behind Scherzer hitting a HR and leaving the game in the 7th with a 13-1. Phils scored 5 late to make final respectable, but Soto already had a Grandslam HR, triple and single to key the win. In matchup 4, a 3-run HR by Flowers and Markakis' 1b, 2b and HR keyed the Braves 4-1 win over the Mets despite being outhit 8-6. While the Mets fell 4 behind the Nats and 3 behind the Braves for the NL East, keeping credit for the 1 win of 3 due to the score being closer than 5 runs, the Braves stayed percentage points ahead of the Brewers for the last playoff spot at this point (42-36 .538 to 47-43.522).

At this point if the Mets split their final games between the Nats and Phillies, they would finish 48-42 to eliminate the Brewers  and the Padres or Giants would need to play and go 8-4 to catch them for the last wild card spot (unless the Nats or Braves collapsed).
  1. Phillies, Nick Pivetta, 3, PB: 4-7 (7) vs. Braves, Dallas Keuchel, 3, PB: 2-7, Result:
  2. Phillies, Vince Velasquez, 4, PB: 2-6 vs. Braves, Mike Foltynewicz, 4, PB: 2-7, Result:
  3. Mets W 7-2 S, Jacob deGrom, 1, PB: 2-8 vs. Braves, Max Fried, 1, PB: 2-7, Result:
  4. Mets L1-4, Chris Mazza, 6, PB: 2-5 vs. Braves, Sean Newcomb, 6, PB: 4-7 (6), Result:
  5. Phillies, Jake Arrieta, 2, PB: 4-7 (6) vs. Mets, Noah Syndergaard, 2, PB: 2-7, Result:
  6. Phillies, Ranger Suarez, 5, PB: 2-4 (5) vs. Mets, Zack Wheeler, 5, PB: 2-6, Result:
  7. Nationals, Anibal Sanchez, 5, PB: 2-6 vs. Braves, Bryse Wilson, 5, PB: 4-7 (6), Result:
  8. Nationals, Stephen Strasburg, 2, PB: 2-8 vs. Braves, Mike Soroka, 2, PB: 2-7, Result:
  9. Phillies L2-3, Jason Vargas, 6, PB: 2-4 (5) vs. Nationals, Kyle McGowin, 6, PB: 2-6, Result:
  10. Phillies L6-13 S, Aaron Nola, 1, PB: 2-7 vs. Nationals, Max Scherzer, 1, PB: 2-9, Result:
  11. Mets, Steven Matz, 4, PB: 4-7 (6) vs. Nationals, Erick Fedde, 4, PB: 4-7 (7), Result:
  12. Mets, Marcus Stroman, 3, PB: 2-7 vs. Nationals, Patrick Corbin, 3, PB: 2-8, Result:


This blog picks up at the 72-game mark of my NL Statis-Pro season based on the projected cards for every team this year in a "what if" league (what would have happened if noone was injured, or if everyone was about as good as expected based on past years and age). The final "18" games of the season for each team in my league is the final round robin in the division, so under each division you will see accounts - the 12 scheduled games in each division are numbered, but I play the games in different order as you see.

To review, all you need to play Statis-Pro baseball is this google sheet (includes cards for all MLB players and instructions) and two 6-sided dice, two 8-sided dice and one 20-sided die.

Click here for the first 60+ games of our season for each team, at which point the 5th place team from each division was dropped. Click here for the run down of each team up to their 72nd game, the last game between teams from different divisions. This blog shows all schedule match-ups between divisional foes in the final stretch to get to the final 90 game mark - but games between teams who have either cliched or eliminated will not be played.
  • In final Divisional Round Robins, teams pitch either 1st and 6th best pitcher, 2nd and 5th, or 3rd and 4th, with "1", "2" etc by pitchers name and his PB rating next to it.

  • SF 40 to 52 - vs AZ and SD
    SD 40 to 52 - vs AZ and SF
    Mil 47 - no games left
    St. L 41 to 47 - vs Cin

  • NL West Round Robin (Rockies eliminated)  


  • Dodgers win match-up 10 below over Padres 5-2, to stretch lead to 7 games. However, failed on late chances to stretch it to 5-run lead in sweep, then needed to use all top relievers ending with Jansen after Margot double in 9th put winning run on plate. Kershaw without much relief help still won a battle of PB2-8 great starters 7-0, as 2-run HR by Muncy in 3rd made three straight 2-run innings. In matchup 5, the Giants denied the Dodgers a chance to sweep when Justin Turner's error prolonged the 6th and belt followed with a 3-run HR. Then in match-up 6 Buster Posey delievered a first inning 2-run HR and Bumgarner threw a shutout with only 2/3rds of an inning of relief help to prevent the Dodgers from clinching at the Giants.
  • In match-up 6 below, the Dodgers clinched in style in their next to last game - winning 16-1 after scoring an incredible 14 runs against the Diamondbacks great four relievers (all PB2-9 or PB2-8) in Chafin, Bradley, Sherfy and Holland. Their only HR came from rookie catcher Smith, but Turner, Seager and Muncy all had three hits to break open the game between both team's No. 6 starters. Maeda gave a surprisingly strong 5 innings with only 1 run allowed.
  1. Dodgers W 16-1 s, Kenta Maeda, 6, PB: 2-5 vs. Diamondbacks, Merrill Kelly, 6, PB: 2-6, Result:
  2. Dodgers, Walker Buehler, 1, PB: 2-8 vs. Diamondbacks, Robbie Ray, 1, PB: 2-7, Result:
  3. Padres, Robbie Erlin, 4, PB: 4-7 (6) vs. Diamondbacks, Luke Weaver, 4, PB: 4-7 (6), Result:
  4. Padres, Joey Lucchesi, 3, PB: 2-7 vs. Diamondbacks, Zac Gallen, 3, PB: 4-7 (6), Result:
  5. Dodgers L 5-7, Rich Hill, 4, PB: 4-7 (7) vs. Giants, Dereck Rodriguez, 6, PB: 2-4 (5), Result:
  6. Dodgers L 0-2, Hyun-Jin Ryu, 3, PB: 2-7 vs. Giants, Madison Bumgarner, 1, PB: 4-7 (6), Result:
  7. Padres, Dinelson Lamet, 2, PB: 2-7 vs. Giants, Jeff Samardzija, 3, PB: 2-6, Result:
  8. Padres, Eric Lauer, 5, PB: 2-5 vs. Giants, Shaun Anderson, 4, PB: 2-5, Result:
  9. Dodgers W 7-0 S, Clayton Kershaw, 2, PB: 2-8 vs. Padres, Chris Paddack, 1, PB: 2-8, Result:
  10. Dodgers W5-2, Julio Urias, 5, PB: 4-7 (6) vs. Padres, Nick Margevicius, 6, PB: 2-4 (5), Result:
  11. Giants, Andrew Suarez, 2, PB: 4-7 (7) vs. Diamondbacks, Matt Andriese, 2, PB: 2-7, Result:
  12. Giants, Conner Menez, 5, PB: 2-5 vs. Diamondbacks, Taijuan Walker, 5, PB: 2-6, Result:
  • At this point playoffs set based on 90 game records  
  1. Any playoff games needed for tied records , (1 game if necessary), Result:
  2. NL Wild Card game feature aces , 1 Game, Result:
  3. NL Wild Card winner vs. Top Divisional Champ , Best-of-5, Result:
  4. NL Divisional Champs with 2nd & 3rd best record , Best-of-5, Result:
  5. NL Championship between two previous winners , Best-of-7, Result:
  6. AL Wild Card Rays (7-6) at Twins (7-5) , Best-of-5, Result:
  7. Rays or Twins vs. Indians (9-3) , Best-of-5, Result:
  8. Yankees vs. Astros (both 7-5) , Best-of-5, Result:
  9. AL Championship Series between two previous winners , Best-of-7, Result:
  10. World Series , Best-of-7, Result:

  • NL Central Round Robin (Pirates eliminated) - FINAL STANDINGS


Narrative: At 72-game mark, Cubs were 41-31, Cards 5 games back, Reds and Brewers 7 games back; Match-ups 3 & 4 below Cubs 8-2 sweep Schwarber 3-run HR, then Cards 6-1 sweep DeJong 8th winning HR to leave Cards 5 back; Match-up 7 Cubs 3-2 over Reds on 7th inning rally; Match-up 5 & 6 Brewers win 7-2 & 14-5 1st team all year to sweep a series 6-0 by combined 21-7 score to take Cubs from verge of clinching to only 1.5 game lead over Brewers and 2.5 of Cards behind 3 Yelich doubles and 2 Cain HRs; Match-up 1 & 2 below Brewers win 5-3 and 4-3 thrillers over Cards to move within half game of Cubs as 1st inning grandslam by Grandal in opener, and 2nd game 1st inning HR by Yelich and 2nd inning double by Arcia keyed early leads that incredible pen (3 PB 2-9s and 2 PB 2-8s) held onto against Cards rallies late.

Match-ups 9 & 10 below: Brewers moved into 1st and eliminated Reds and Cardinals with two tight wins (Mil 4-3 and 6-3) . Reds led 3-1 in 7th of first game, but shut down by best bullpen in Statis-Pro and Yelich added walk off double to add to his earlier HR. Brewers then scored 3 on ace Bauer in 4 IP in second game and Hader wrapped it up after late HRs by Votto and Dietrich. Milwaukee finished incredible 14-4 in final NL Central round robin to finish 47-43 and have the entire division come down to if the Cubs could beat the Reds. In the 215th Statis-Pro game I've played this season, the Cubs became only the third team to score at least 15 runs, and pounded out the most hits of any game this year - 22. The knocked Sonny Gray out after three innings,and then pounded the weak Reds bullpen. Brewers will wait to see if they make the wild card after the other divisions complete play.
  1. Brewers W 5-3, Brandon Woodruff, 4, PB: 2-6 vs. Cardinals, Adam Wainwright, 4, PB: 2-6, Result:
  2. Brewers W 4-3, Adrian Houser, 3, PB: 2-6 vs. Cardinals, Carlos Martinez, 3, PB: 4-7 (6), Result:
  3. Cubs W8-2 S, Cole Hamels, 2, PB: 2-7 vs. Cardinals, Jack Flaherty, 1, PB: 4-7 (7), Result: The Cubs destroyed the Cards to push their divisional lead to 8 games with only 15 to play.
  4. Cubs L 1-6 S, Jose Quintana, 5, PB: 4-7 (7) vs. Cardinals, Michael Wacha, 6, PB: 2-6, Result:DeJong's 8th inning homer let the Cards return the sweep with a 6-1 win and get back within five games.
  5. Brewers W 7-2 S, Freddy Peralta, 5, PB: 2-6 vs. Cubs, Derek Holland, 6, PB: 2-4 (5), Result:
  6. Brewers W 14-5 S, Jimmy Nelson, 2, PB: 4-7 (7) vs. Cubs, Yu Darvish, 1, PB: 2-7, Result:
  7. Cubs W 3-2, Jon Lester, 4, PB: 2-5 vs. Reds, Luis Castillo, 4, PB: 2-7, Result:
  8. Cubs W15-8 S, Kyle Hendricks, 3, PB: 4-7 (7) vs. Reds, Sonny Gray, 3, PB: 2-7, Result:
  9. Brewers W4-3, Jhoulys Chacin, 6, PB: 2-4 (5) vs. Reds, Anthony DeSclafani, 6, PB: 4-7 (6), Result:
  10. Brewers W6-3, Zach Davies, 1, PB: 2-7 vs. Reds, Trevor Bauer, 1, PB: 2-8, Result:
  11. Cardinals, Alex Reyes, 2, PB: 4-7 (7) vs. Reds, Alex Wood, 2, PB: 2-7, Result:
  12. Cardinals, Miles Mikolas, 5, PB: 4-7 (6) vs. Reds, Kevin Gausman, 5, PB: 4-7 (7), Result:

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