Monday, June 10, 2019

Big 12 Wraps Up Opening Two Games

We finished getting two games a piece played by the Big 12, the final of our six conferences. Buddy Hield helped Oklahoma 2016 bounce back from being crushed by Kansas in their first game to beat Oklahoma State and nudge Jamaar Nelson from St. Joe's with 29.5 points per game. In fact the only player from our 48 great teams of the century averaging higher is Doug McDermott of Crighton with 31.5 through two games.  All games from all conferences are here.

RnkPoints Per GamePts
1Hield, Oklahoma 201629.
2Nelson, St. Joe's 200429.
3West, St. Joe's 200420.
4Beasley, K-State 200817.
4Butler, West Virginia 201017.
RnkRebounds Per Game
1Thomas, Texas 200315.511.50.51.5
2Jones, St. Joe's 200410.511.00.02.0
3Jackson, Kansas 200816.
4Beasley, K-State 200817.
4Hield, Oklahoma 201629.
RnkSteals Per Game
1Nelson, St. Joe's 200429.
2Chalmers, Kansas 200813.
2Culver, Texas Tech 201914.
4Robinson, Kansas 200811.
5Pullen, K-State 20087.
RnkBlocks Per Game
1Arthur, Kansas 20085.
2Beasley, K-State 200817.
3Jones, St. Joe's 200410.511.00.02.0
4Jones, West Virginia 201012.
5Four tied with 1.5 Bl

The final big game was Texas Tech beating K-State 2008 and Michael Beasley to join Kansas and St. Joe's at 2-0 - however if the playoffs were held today they would lose out on the second playoff spot by one point since they average winning by 7 and St. Joe's by 8.

Big 12 (A10)WLPtsPtsAllPt Dif
Kansas 200820714922
St. Joe's 20042080728
Texas Tech 20192070637
Oklahoma 2016116065-5
Texas 2003116470-6
Oklahoma St. 2004026774-7
West Virginia 2010026776-9
K-State 2008026373-10

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