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Statis-Pro Standings, Pre-season ranking based on cards and Results (2018 Rosters, 2017 Player Cards)

NL Standings and MVP Leaders

The NL and AL seasons are being played by two of us, with my friend playing a round-robin about the top 8 NL teams to start and me playing a modified system that uses all teams but gives teams a 3-game sweep for winning by 5 runs or more in 9 innings, and otherwise the winner being given 2 wins and the lose one win in a 3-game series.

The following are the standings:

NL Statis-Pro (includes games vs. AL teams)

Chicago Cubs 7-3
Milwaukee 6-4
St. Louis 6-4
Colorado 5-4
Los Angeles 5-5
New York 5-5
Washington 4-6
Arizona 4-6

Who is hot: David Peralta, Arz (19-39 .487) DJ LaMahieu, Col (19-47 .404) Matt Carpenter, Stl 5 HR Gerardo Parra, Col 11 RBI Anthony Rendon, Wsh 11 RBI Jose Martinez, Stl 11 Runs Scored Kyle Hendricks, Chi (3-0, 2.45) Who is not: Bryce Harper, Wsh (3-34, 0 HR, 0 RBI) Stephen Strasburg, Wsh (0-3, 4.75)

AL Standings and MVP Leaders

We are not tracking games logs for each game on this google sheet.

Central DivisionWinsLossesWin %DivisionIf playoffs today
Minnesota1080.556CentralDiv Champ
Kansas City16140.533Central
Eastern DivisionWinsLossesWin %DivisionIf playoffs today
New York1680.667EastDiv Champ
Boston1170.611EastWild Card
Tampa Bay990.500East
Western DivisionWinsLossesWin %DivisionIf playoffs today
Houston1950.792WestDiv Champ
Seattle1260.667WestWild Card
Los Angeles7170.292West
Through Game48
If playoffs were today:
Boston at Seattle, winner at New York
Minnesota at Houston

Player teamMVP PtsTeam GamesMVP Ratings
Judge NY13180.72
Sale Bos9180.50
Sanchez NY9180.50
Faria TB8180.44
Cano Sea8180.44
Kluber Cle8180.44
Beltre Tex7180.39
Pedroia Bos7180.39
Verlander Hou7180.39
Merrifield KC11300.37
Benintendi Bos6180.33
Cruz Sea6180.33
Springer Hou6180.33
Powell Oak6180.33
Moustakas KC9300.30

Whose hot. While the NL lists top stats above, in the AL the top 3 stars from each game divide up 9 points - typically 4 for the top player, 3 for 2nd best and 2 for third best, but a truly dominant game can result in a 5-3-1 or some other variation. This is divided by the number of the games the players' team played to date, and this is considered the leaders list for the MVP award and who will make the All-Star team.

Aaron Judge is the runaway MVP right now, as the dominant player in three games to date:
vs. Toronto 2 home runs, single and 5 RBIs
vs. LA 2 of 4, with homer, 2 runs, 2 rbis and a walk
vs. KC HR, 2b, 2 runs, 2 rbis

Update: We are adding rookie cards on a spreadsheet that lets you add any player you want in this google sheet. I based new cards on the MLB projected stats for the whole year, and going through rookie pitchers with more than 14 innings pitched Shane Carle of the Atlanta Braves is the only PB2-8 pitcher so far. I started the rookie batters just with their actual stats to get something on the page, and Houston has a Home Run 26-33, while the Yankees have 31-35 and 27-37 and Tampa Bay has a 42-43, but because the sample is small I will look at batters projections before actually playing with new rookies. This definitely makes the Yankees much stronger and the Astros and Rays a bit stronger than the rankings I have further down in this blog.

League Rules

Each game counts as a 3-game series. Winning team gets a 2-1 series win unless they win by at least 5 runs without extra innings, in which case they get a 3-0 sweep. Mathematically, it is just as hard to get a 5-run win as a sweep and run differential is a truer test in the short season.

Using 2017 Statis-Pro cards but current rosters. As long as someone is on the roster they can be used in a better role (eg a player with a better card from last year can play ahead of the player actually starting this year, or relievers who have better cards can be the closer. Also, relievers can be used to protect against a sweep (closer to hold a 5-run lead or keep a 4-run deficit from becoming a 5-run deficit.

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