Thursday, January 30, 2020

National Email: VAB All-Conference 2020 Teams and All-Time Greats

The release of the Value Add Basketball Rankings and All-Conference Teams for all 32 conferences happens to follow back-to-back stunning double overtime victories by my home town Auburn (down 19 on the road) and alma mater Marquette (down seven when the nation's leading score Markus Howard - 28.3 points per game - was elbowed in the face and left the game for the final 22 minutes of action).

Click here for all 4000+ plus players listed in order of how many points each is worth above a replacement player (or if you don't use google sheet, click on this simple list of the top 1000 players), or you can click here for the 1st through 3rd All-Conference team (top 15 players) from any of the 32 conferences by clicking here or on the two lists of players below. While the SEC and ACC are down this year (according to the SEC's top team is only 19th best in the country and the ACC's 4th best team is only 50th in the country), we will preview the two All-Conference teams from the conferences on top in 2020.

The curse of Bobby Knight rivals the curse of Babe Ruth, as the Big Ten had not won a title since the year Knight was fired from Indiana in 2000 - after winning more than any other conference (6) during his final 25 years at the helm of the Hoosiers. However, the Big Ten is the undisputed top conference so far this year with a projected 10 NCAA bids (4 more than any other conference) at this stage. According to the Value Add Basketball calculations (the system featured by ESPNSports IllustratedFox Sports and others), the Big Ten has not only the best conference but the best player leading their All-Conference Team in Iowa's Luka Garza (see Nat'l Rating 3rd column from right).

In my interview with AP Coach of the Decade Jay Wright last year in Madison Square Garden he was kind enough to laud my question about the possibility that Villanova was not as prepared for that tournament because the Big East was having its worst year in several years due to being young. This year the Big East is the second best conference - virtually tied with the Big 12 in the ratings at for second but having defeated the Big 12 in nine of 10 games in the Big 12 SEC title game. While my praise of Seton Hall's Myles Powell (see my j) and own season tickets to returning USA Today 1st team All-American Markus Howard from my alma mater. However, the depth of the Big East may best be shown by the fact that so far their most valuable player has been Paul Reed of a DePaul team that has only one win in conference but went into Iowa and Minnesota to pull off upset wins with Reed dominated the Big Ten foes.

If the college basketball season makes you remember the great players and teams of old, you can join the 155,869 who have clicked on this breakdown of the All-Time Sweet 16 emerging from our simulated tournament of 96 of the greatest teams ever and the best individual performances to date.

Click here or on the image below for the free game with player cards for 96 great teams:

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