Friday, June 16, 2017

Value Add Group 3: Top-ranked Transfers

The third group of players we project are transfers - really a subset of Group 2 Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors, as players who shifted schools and in most case skipped a year. The projected Value Add for the coming season is calculated the same as it is done for Group 2.

Deontae Hawkins improved Boston College by seven points per game when he committed this month, after playing at Illinois State last year. You can search the front slash ( / ) in the notes field to find transfers and their past team (See "Last Played" below for the top 25 transfers this year.

Transfers traditionally sit out a year, but as you can see from Hawkins and the other "2017/" players here and in the database, that requirement is waived more and more for players who have earned a degree at their first school or can make a hardship claim. With hundreds and hundreds of players transferring now to get more playing time or move up to a tournament team, the most important man in basketball is the guy who tracks all their movements ...

... the great Jeff Goodman of ESPN (click here for his transfer list).

The Value Add Basketball Projection page lists projections for all 2018 players, but you can also search "2019" in the year field to find the players who are sitting out a season as a transfer and will next play in 2019. (Return to Main Outline here)

Over RankTransfer ProjectionsVA5keyNew TeamLast Played
52Deontae Hawkins 237.16Boston College2017/Illinois St.
64Jordan Johnson 16.91Nevada Las Vegas2016/Wisconsin Milwaukee
68Justin Bibbins 216.86Utah2016/Long Beach St.
79DeSean Murray 36.72Auburn2016/Presbyterian
80Egor Koulechov 46.72Florida2017/Rice
101Cameron Johnson 236.43Pittsburgh2017/Pittsburgh
119Henry Caruso 216.19Santa Clara2016/Princeton
124Devin Watson 16.11San Diego St.2016/San Francisco
174Dwayne Sutton 225.56Louisville2016/UNC Asheville
182Ed Stephens 15.45Austin Peay2016/South Carolina St.
186CJ Bryce 125.42North Carolina St.2017/UNC Wilmington
189Byron Hawkins 15.38Murray St.2016/Towson
203Marcel Pettway 125.27Nevada2016/Bryant
222Tim Coleman 25.15NJIT2016/NJ Inst of Technology
249Braxton Huggins 24.97Fresno St.2017/New Mexico St.
272Kory Holden 14.84South Carolina2016/Delaware
281Elijah Brown 44.77Oregon2017/New Mexico
292Devon Daniels 34.72North Carolina St.2017/Utah
299Cane Broome 14.68Cincinnati2016/Sacred Heart
303Marcus Evans 24.68Virginia Commonwealth2017/Rice
316Christian Sengfelder 434.55Boise St.2017/Fordham
317Payton Hulsey 34.54Florida International2016/College of Charleston
326Darius Thompson 514.49Western Kentucky2017/Virginia
327Terrell Allen 124.48Central Florida2016/Drexel
333AJ Turner 114.45NorthWestern2017/Boston College

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