Thursday, August 29, 2019

Rays Eliminate BoSox; "Illegal' August waiver pickups

The 7-6 Rays made the AL wild card game 6-1 in a battle of two great lefties (Snell vs. BoSox Sale) who are injured in real MLB play but on eligible for Statis-Pro games against 2 lefty heavy line-ups. The 5-run cushion also saved Ace Charlie Morton for a wild card start against the 7-5 Twins' weaker pitching as well as have closer Jose Alvarado if they lead late. (See photo of score sheet at bottom).

The winner of that wild card game will face the 9-3 Indians, who have Kluber and Carrasco since our league is a "what if no injuries" league. The other best-of-seven will feature the Astros and Yankees, both 7-5. Last year the BoSox joined those 3 in all finishing between 38-22 and 36-24, but in odd number years we play the long NL season.

We still have a ways to go in that NL Statis-Pro season, where the Cubs finally ended the Dodgers 17-game win streak.

We thought we had pretty much final Statis-Pro player cards as of the deadline to play out the rest of the season, because we were told there would be no waiver trades in August this year. Well, not sure of the logistics, but there have been a number of waiver pick-ups, so we are in the process of moving the following players on the Master Player Card sheet here (which now includes how to play as well as letting you find produce cards for players you don't have). We usually take the players Statis-pro card of the last 3 years closest to his current OPS - so Mookie Betts is great but doesn't get the ridiculous 2018 card.

  1. Atlanta Braves claimed CF Billy Hamilton off waivers from Kansas City Royals.
  2. Baltimore Orioles claimed LHP Ty Blach off waivers from San Francisco Giants.
  3. Baltimore Orioles claimed RHP Ryan Eades off waivers from Minnesota Twins.
  4. Cincinnati Reds claimed RHP Kevin Gausman off waivers from Atlanta Braves.
  5. Cincinnati Reds claimed SS Freddy Galvis off waivers from Toronto Blue Jays.
  6. Colorado Rockies claimed RHP Wes Parsons off waivers from Atlanta Braves.
  7. Detroit Tigers claimed RHP David McKay off waivers from Seattle Mariners.
  8. Kansas City Royals claimed RHP Jacob Barnes off waivers from Milwaukee Brewers.
  9. Los Angeles Angels claimed LHP Adalberto Mejia off waivers from St. Louis Cardinals.
  10. New York Mets claimed LHP Donnie Hart off waivers from Milwaukee Brewers.
  11. New York Yankees claimed RHP Cory Gearrin off waivers from Seattle Mariners.
  12. New York Yankees claimed RHP Ryan Dull off waivers from San Francisco Giants.
  13. Oakland Athletics claimed C Dustin Garneau off waivers from Los Angeles Angels.
  14. Philadelphia Phillies claimed RHP Jared Hughes off waivers from Cincinnati Reds.
  15. Pittsburgh Pirates claimed RHP Yacksel Rios off waivers from Philadelphia Phillies.
  16. San Diego Padres claimed LF Nick Martini off waivers from Oakland Athletics.
  17. San Francisco Giants claimed RHP Kyle Barraclough off waivers from Washington Nationals.
  18. San Francisco Giants claimed RHP Ryan Dull off waivers from Oakland Athletics.
  19. San Francisco Giants claimed Burch Smith off waivers from Milwaukee Brewers.
  20. Toronto Blue Jays claimed C Beau Taylor off waivers from Oakland Athletics.
  21. Toronto Blue Jays claimed RHP Zack Godley off waivers from Arizona Diamondbacks.

We did not track every minor player who moved - so we do have cards for players who were just projected to come up for the September roster, but this should be pretty accurate.

As for the BoSox being eliminated, here is the score sheet:

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