Saturday, August 3, 2019

Giants to Mets: Statis-Pro Cards for All Players and Rules for Game

To play Statis-Pro baseball simply follow these steps:

Step 1 – Print out sheets for two teams. You can open this google doc of all players and print out the two teams you want to play (best to define the cells and "print selection" to fit the whole team on one landscape piece of paper). However, because some people do not use google docs, you can also choose from the 5 teams below or on any of the other blogs at and click on each team you want to print out.

Step 2 - Write your lineups and starting pitchers on a piece of paper -  column E gives the suggested batting order (1 through 9) and suggested starting pitching rotation (21-24) but you can choose any other order you want.

Step 3 - Roll two 6-sided dice or flip Fast Action Card for a result of 2 to 12 - if it falls in the pitcher's control range (column l) then the result will be on his card, if not it will be on the batter's card - pitcher at bat is always on his card.

Step 4 - Roll two 8-sided dice or flip Fast Action Card for result of 11-88, and look up result under pitcher's card (1b single, BK balk, K, W, WP, PB or Out) or batters card (1b, 2b, 3b, HR, K, W, HPB, Out).

Step 5 - To steal use second letter of OBR/SP in column J and roll one 6-sided die. Only out on a 6, but unable to steal except AA steals on 1-4, A on 1-3, B on 1-2 and C on 1. Runner on base takes extra base on hit using 2nd letter (with 2 outs 4=extra base)

Step 6 - for updates see and for fielding and more advanced rules, click here.

Step 7 -steps 1 to 6 are all the cool free stuff to play and see if you like the game - another person sells really neat cards for great teams from throughout history and a baord setup - join his Statis-Pro Advanced Facebook page.

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