Friday, July 6, 2018

NL All-Star Considerations

The main NL season is being played in Montana, with 8 teams competing and 7 teams relegated for this season. The following are the records and best performers in that gae:

Chicago          11-4
Milwaukee      10-5
St. Louis          9-6
Washington     7-8
Colorado         7-8
Los Angeles     6-9
New York        6-9
Arizona           6-9

Top Performers: David Peralta, Arz (19-39 .487) DJ LaMahieu, Col (19-47 .404) Matt Carpenter, Stl 5 HR Gerardo Parra, Col 11 RBI Anthony Rendon, Wsh 11 RBI Jose Martinez, Stl 11 Runs Scored Kyle Hendricks, Chi (3-0, 2.45) Who is not: Bryce Harper, Wsh (3-34, 0 HR, 0 RBI) Stephen Strasburg, Wsh (0-3, 4.75)

Here are the NL players who have the most MVP points just in the games played with the AL. Nine points are awarded each game to three players, in any combination (a dominant player can get a max of 5, leaving either 3 for the 2nd best star and 1 for the 3rd best star, or it can be 5-2-2, 3-3-3, 4-3-2 etc). The bolded players are ones playing for teams NOT playing with the eight teams above.

To date, each NL team only played twice, and with the ace and 4th best starting pitcher, but the St. Louis Cardinals have played four games. The other 14 teams will all play a second 2-game series with the DH spot used.

2ndStarMVP ptsDetails of game(s) getting stars
OzunaStL11HR and 2b (4), 4 of 5, double (3), 4 hits, 2B (2)walk, homer (2)
AvilaAri5def gem, 2 homers
C. Martinez StlStL5lost no hitter 2 outs in 8th
CastilloCin5complete game shutout
CespadesNYM5HR, 2b, 2 w, 3 run
ChacinMil57 ip 2r
ContrerasChiC5HR,3 of 4, w, 2 rbi, 2 ru
DesmondCol5inside-the-park GS Homer, 3-run homer
MolinaStL54 of 5, 3-run homer
RizzoChiC53 of 3, 2w, 2b, 3 rbi
ArrietaAri46.2 ip, 1 run
BarnhartCin4TA cs Trout, 2b, 1b
DeitrichMia43 of 4, w, 3 runs
GreinkeAri48 ip 2 runs
HarrisonPit42 homers
HirianoAri4save, perfect 9th Gattis, Springer, Bregman (3 pt), 3 ip, 0 r (1 pt)
IncarteAtl43 straight 1b, SB
McCutcheonSF43 of 4, HR, 3 rbi, 2 r
ReedMil43.2 ip 0
SantanaPhi42 of 3, homer, def gem
Sotu...Was43 of 4, double
BourMia32b, hr, 4 rbi
ConforteNYM3HR, 2b
FreesePit33 of 4, 2b, walk (2 pt)pinch hit 2b (1 pt)
GrossMil32-run HR, 1b
GyorkaStL31b, 2 def gems, threw Fowler out 5-2, then clutch DP on Olson next batter
HerreraPhi33 of 5, diving catch
HeywardChiC33 of 4, 2b, 3 rbi
IanettaCol33 of 4, HR
KershawLAD3shutout into 9th
MurphyWas33b, 2 of 3, 2 r
ScheblerCin33 hits
ScherzerWas38 ip 1
VottoCin33 of 4, 2 doubles
DoolittleWas22 ip, 0 r Win, Extra
GardnerPhi2diving catch save 2 runs
HandSD21.1 ip perfect
HarperWas22 of 4, 2b, 2 r
J. Martinez StLStL24 hits, HR
McCannAtl22 doubles, 2 w, 2 run
UrenaMia28 ip 3 run
AndersonMil17 ip 2 run
BeckhamMil1HR, 1b
BellingerLAD1HR, 1b, SF
BruceNYM13 hits, homer
GrandalLAD13-run homer
HirianoAri13 ip, 0 r
ParraCol14 of 5, 2b
PoseySF13 hits, double
StoreCol1HR, 1b

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