Saturday, June 20, 2015


Click here for the Breitbart Sports preseason rankings and story.

For the list of the top student-athletes in each state, click here.

Here are the players to watch:

  1. Blaine Woodson, Delaware Blue Hens, Foot, Dline
  2. Ben Curtis, Delaware Blue Hens, Foot, OLine
  3. Erica Brown, Delaware, Women’s Basketball
  4. Chivarsky Corbett, Delaware, Basket, SF
  5. Eric Enderson, Delaware Blue Hens, Foot, Punter
  6. Marvin King-Davis, Delaware, Basket, PF
  7. Simba Gwashavanhu, Delaware Blue Hens, Foot, Dback
  8. Cazmon Hayes, Delaware, Basket, SG
  9. Anthony Mosley, Delaware, Basket, SG
  10. Quincy Tillinghast, Delaware St., Basket, PG
  11. Kavon Waller, Delaware St., Basket, SF
  12. Guillermo Delgado – Men’s Soccer
  13. Esmeé Peet, Delaware,  Field Hockey
  14. Kory Holden, Delaware, Men’s Basketball
  15. Kieran Purcell, Delaware, Men’s Golf
  16. Casey Lyons, Delaware, Women’s Lacrosse
  17. Morgan Whyte, Delaware, Women’s Swimming
  18. Latazah Coleman, Delaware, Women’s Track & Field
  19. Katie Hillman, Delaware, Volleyball
  20. Andi Slane, Delaware, Women’s Golf and Mariah Kondravy, Delaware, Softball

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