Saturday, June 20, 2015


See the Breitbart preseason rankings by clicking here.

For the list of the top student-athletes in each state, click here.

Here are the students to watch:

  1. Paul Dunne, UAB, Golf
  2. D’haquille Williams, Auburn Tigers, Foot, Rec
  3. Jeremy Johnson, Auburn Tigers, Foot, QB
  4. Carl Lawson, Auburn, Football, DE
  5. Reggie Ragland, Alabama Crimson Tide, Foot, LB
  6. A’Shawn Robinson, Alabama Crimson Tide, Foot, DE
  7. Derrick Henry, Alabama, Football, RB
  8. Kareem Canty, Auburn, Basketball, PG
  9. Nick Norton, UAB, Basket, PG
  10. Cole Lipscomb, Auburn, Baseball, SP
  11. Alexis Ferebee, Alabama State, Track/Field, 200m Dash
  12. William Lee, UAB, Basket, PF
  13. Autumnn Burnett, UAB, Track/Field, 110m High Hurdles
  14. Emily Carosone, Auburn, Softball,
  15. Kasey Cooper, Auburn, Softball,
  16. Kristen Dodson, Auburn, Soccer, Forward
  17. Alyssa Kopp, Auburn, Track/Field, Javelin
  18. Roc Thomas, Auburn, Football, RB
  19. Tyler Harris, Auburn, Basket, PF
  20. Mikki Lewis, Troy University, Soccer, Goalkeeper
  21. Robert King, South Alabama, Track/Field, Javelin
  22. Charde Hannah, South Alabama, Soccer, Forward
  23. Matt Dillon, South Alabama, Track/Field, 110m High Hurdles
  24. TJ Dunans, Auburn, Basket, SG
  25. Tony Brown, Alabama, Foot/Track,
Others receiving votes (alphabetical by first name)
  • Coren Crompton, Auburn, Track/Field, Pole Vault
  • Deja Hillman, Auburn, Track/Field, Triple Jump
  • Ellie Leek, Auburn, Soccer, Midfielder
  • Hannah Alspach, Auburn, Soccer, Forward
  • Jake Knight, Auburn, Track/Field, Discus Throw
  • Jamel Waters, Alabama St., Basket, PG
  • Jonathan Allen, Alabama, Football, DE
  • Marlon Humphrey, Alabama, Foot/Track,
  • O.J. Howard, Alabama, Football, TE
  • Tatiana Etienne, Alabama State, Track/Field, 400m Dash
  • Tim Williams, Samford, Basket, PF
  • Trey Matthews, Auburn, Football, S

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