Saturday, December 26, 2020

Value Add Basketball Projected Season Cancelled

 At the end of the Covid year, we did ironically decide to cancel even a board game season.

Obviously nothing to do with the pandemic, but we notes at the outset that creating projected rosters for college players was a far from scientific process. The first few Value Add Basketball Games seemed to yield reasonable results, but then top teams Gonzaga, Iowa and Houston lost and we just concluded the player cards were not very reflective of the jump players make from year to year.

While our 2020 tournament with player cards from the 2020 season yielded almost the perfect number if upsets, as did our all-time tournament with Bill Walton's UCLA defeating Michael Jordan's UNC, the projected cards didn't seem to work. While it was a small sample size, Memphis 70-47 win over Houston seemed particularly unrealistic. The Houston cards, particularly potential All-American Quintin Grimes, simply are not nearly as good as they will be based on this year's stats.

Well, I was at the Big East for the final games of the 2020 season so here is the final game I tried in the projected season. One thing I did learn in the short season is that playing with the dice (20-sided, 8-sided and two 6-sided) does play quicker than using the fast action cards I created for anyone who couldn't find the dice. The dice game averages 35 to 40 minutes a game, while a game using the cards was averaging more than an hour.

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