Tuesday, May 1, 2018

3 New Yankees Sluggers Give Edge Over Astros; Red Sox and Indians Round Out For AL Contenders based on Statis-Pro

Unlike other tabletop baseball games, Statis-Pro player cards enable fans to quickly grasp the value of a player. An average pitcher had a PB of 2-6, meaning he controlled the game on the card equivalent of a dice roll of 2-6, but a pitcher card with a 2-9 indicated he only risks hitting the batter's card on the equivalent of a 10, 11 or 12 roll to rate as one of the top 5% of all pitchers.

When a pitcher allows the batters' card to come into play yields an average home run range is 27-32 - actually four home runs out of 64 possible results on the base-8 system (there is no 29 or 30 combo). If you take 30 seconds to type in 9 MLB projected stats to let the google sheet calculate crude cards for Yankee rookies Miguel Andujar and Tyler Austin you see they have fantastic home run ranges of 32-36 and 24-32 respectively. Add the massive Home Run range of 22-34 Giancarlo Stanton who came to the Yankees from Miami after leading baseball in home runs and you realize the new Yankees lineup looks more like the 1927 Yankees than the team that just missed the World Series last year with Aaron Judge and company.

Looking through the cards of the strong players (2-8 or 2-9 pitchers or strong home run/hit range) gained or lost to adjust for how much a team's cards look better or worse than last year, the Statis-Pro rosters rank the Cleveland Indians as tops due to incredible pitching from starters to relievers, and the Yankees seem to be second best behind that line-up with the Astros and Red Sox right behind them and the Angels improved enough to perhaps sneak in as the final wild-card team.

In real life after one month, the first four playoff teams match-up but the Seattle Mariners are ahead of the Angels for the final spot. However, the Indians would only make the playoffs due to the AL Central being very weak, and the Astros starting rotation that looks just above average is actually lights out (top trio is 10-1 with a 1.50 ERA vs. going 55-49 with a 3.88 ERA in their combined two seasons before joining the Astros.

At the end of the season, we will see if the final standings are closer to what they are now or to how good the cards look from last year moved to their current rosters as reflected below. You can play Statis-Pro here or by finding an old game on-line, and you can order cards or make your own using this google sheet. (Notes on my Statis-Pro season are kept here)

TeamRating2017 WLBig additions (or full seasons)Losses
Cleveland Indians10.010260Chisenhall 28-35 PT, Alonso 24-32Robertson R 2-8 FA
New York Yankees9.09171New Stanton (Mia) 22-34 fr Mia, Andujar 31-35, 27-37Castro 36-41 to Mia
Houston Astros8.610161Stassi 26-33None
Boston Red Sox8.69369Martinez 25-38 Com, Velazquez 2-8R PT,None
Los Angeles Angels8.08082Cozart (Cin) 31-36, Upton 26-34 Det, Ohtani 34-38 & 2-8S Japan, Richards 2-8 S PTPetit 2-8 Rel to Oak
Minnesota Twins6.28577Reed 2-8 Mets, Morrison 21-28W TBNone
Seattle Mariners5.27884Nicasio 2-8R Com, Leake 2-8 S PT, Healy 32-36 Oak, Gordon 42 a/a fr MiaZych 2-8 R FA
Toronto Blue Jays4.87686Hernandez 22-34 PT, Grichuk 24-31 StLRasmus 27-37 PT to Bal, Leone 2-8R to St Louis
Texas Rangers4.47884Minor 2-8R KCNone
Baltimore Orioles4.27587Rasmus 27-37 TB/PT, Beckman 35-42 PTCastillo 31-37 CWS
Chicago White Sox3.86795Delmonico 24-32 PT, Castillo 31-37 Balt, Gioliti 2-8 StPT, Avila 2-8 RelLAD,Cabrera 35-38 Free agent
Oakland Athletics3.47587Olson 15-32 PT, Petit 2-8 Rel LAAAlonso 24-33 to Cle , Madson 2-9 to Wash, Healy 32-36 Oak to Sea
Kansas City Royals2.88082Hosmer 36-42 to SD, Alexander 2-8 Rel LAD, Minor 2-8R Tex
Tampa Bay Rays2.48082Wendell 42-43Morrison 21-28W to Minn, Dickerson 33-37 to Pitt, Hunter to Phillies 2-8R, Cishek 2-9R PT,
Detroit Tigers0.06498CAldelario 41-42 PT,JD Martinez 27-37 PT, Upton 27-35W
AL Average5.481.780.3Ave. AL Batting Card 27-32 HR, Pitcher 2-6

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