Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Oct. 12: Democrats Project 218-217 Lead based on process using Sabato, NY Times, Silver

So far the NY Times district-by-district polling of Sabato's toss-up districts is breaking the Republicans way and pointing to them losing only 218-217 in the House as of October 12 at 2:30 p.m. One example of the apparent across-the-board shift to Republicans from the Kavanaugh testimony to confirmation is GOP Lee Zeldin in New York. He was slightly behind, causing me to temporarily add that poll to the list below and give the Democrats a 219-216 lead, but voters steadily moved his way to such an extent that he fnished the poll nine points ahead.

October 11, 7:30 p.m. note - its dangerous to count incomplete polls, but based on the New York Times we flipped two seats. This switches PA-1 to Democrat (a -12 for Democrat up 12) and Minnesota-8 to Republicans (+25 so GOP up an incredible 25 points) to still leave the House 218 to 217 in favor of the Democrats.

I'm tracking the Senate here. The NY Times just got going on Senate polls, and the GOP had a double-digit lead in Tennessee and almost as big a lead in Texas.

The methodology we went with from day one was the same; 1) go with the Party Sabato forecasts as winning the race, 2) chance that only if the New York Times poll is run to pick (or in one case reverse) Sabato's projected winner, and if neither side has the edge through #1 and #2 then, 3, go to Nate Silver's projection and take the most current poll he records.

StateCDGOP leadNum. ratingBased on
CA10-2DemocratNate Silver
CA252RepublicanNY Times Poll
CA392RepublicanNate Silver
CA45-5DemocratNY Times Poll
CA483RepublicanNate Silver
IA3-1DemocratNY Times Poll
IL61RepublicanNY Times Poll
IL121RepublicanNY Times Poll
KS2-1DemocratNY Times Poll
KS3-10DemocratNY Times Poll
KY61RepublicanNY Times Poll
ME25RepublicanNY Times Poll
MI83RepublicanNY Times Poll
MN110RepublicanNate Silver
MN2-12DemocratNY Times Poll
MN825RepublicanIncomplete NY Times
NC95RepublicanNY Times Poll
NJ3-10DemocratNY Times Poll
NJ71RepublicanNY Times Poll
NM2-1DemocratNY Times Poll
NY19-3DemocratNate Silver
NY22-2DemocratNate Silver
OH19RepublicanNY Times Poll
PA1-12DemocratIncomplete NY Times
TX73RepublicanNY Times Poll
TX2316RepublicanNY Times Poll
VA28RepublicanNY Times Poll
VA74RepublicanNY Times Poll
WV36RepublicanNY Times Poll
1.4Average GOP

Of the 1 tied race and 6 unpolled race above, I went back and looked at the most recent adjusted poll on Nate Silver's page. In those races the GOP goes 5-2, losing only the two New York races, which would give the GOP a 218-217 win.

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