Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Value of Every Injured and Returning Basketball Player for Adjusted Sagarin Projected Scores

This table of all 351 teams and all reported injuries can be used to see how the injury might prevent a team from making a tournament, or to get the projected score on an upcoming game in light of one or more injuries.

Projected Score of a Game

To project the final score of a college basketball game, follow these steps:

1. Check DonBest for injuries on either team. If no one on either team with a Value Add of at lest 1.5 is injured, then simply subtract Air Force's 68.76 from Akron's 80.09 with Pat Forsyth playing to see that Akron is an 11-point favorite. Then adjust four points for the home team, so if the game is at Air Force then Akron would still be favored by 7-points.

2. The process if players are injured is as follows. If DonBest reports Pat Forsyth will miss the game with his injured ankle, then you go to the chart below and see that Akron's rating without Forsyth is lowered to 76.19.

3. If DonBest reports a new injury not on the table, then go to Value Add Basketball to find the player. Let's say they reported Hayden Graham, Air Force's best player, would miss the game. In this case Graham's Value Add rating is 7.74 - and you multiply that figure by 0.7 to get 5.41. That figure is subtracted from Air Force's regular Sagarin figure of 68.76 - so Air Force's rating without their best player Graham would be 63.35.

3. Subtract Air Force's 63.35 from Akron's 76.19 to see that Akron is a 13-point favorite with each team missing a player - but add four points to the home team - making the final projection for a game played at Air Force a 9-point win.

Determining How Much Injuries Have or Might Impact a Team's Success

A team with an 89.0 or higher rating is good enough to make the Sweet 16. A rating of 82.0 or higher deserves an NCAA bid. A 79.0 is an NIT-level team. A team with a 75.0 or higher is good enough to make either the CIB or CIT tournament, and a team with a lower rating would not normally make a tournament. The notes on the right indicate which of the above levels the team should reach given their talent level.

TeamInjured Players worth at least 2 pts/gameVA/GSagarinw himw/o himInjury ReportDonBest Report - TOURNEY TALENT LEVEL
Abilene Christian No significant injuries59.33NOT ENOUGH FOR ANY TOURNEY
Air Force No significant injuries68.76NOT ENOUGH FOR ANY TOURNEY
AkronForsythe, Pat 353.9079.780.0976.1912/23/2015Injury, Ankle - NEED HIM FOR NIT
AlabamaIngram, Dazon 121.5774.9875.4573.8812/10/2015Injury, Foot, out for season - NEED FOR LESSER TOURNEY
Alabama A&M No significant injuries67.94NOT ENOUGH FOR ANY TOURNEY
Alabama State No significant injuries63.71NOT ENOUGH FOR ANY TOURNEY
Albany-NY No significant injuries75.06LESSER TOURNEY IF STAY HEALTHY
Alcorn State No significant injuries51.64NOT ENOUGH FOR ANY TOURNEY
American U. No significant injuries58.9NOT ENOUGH FOR ANY TOURNEY
Appalachian State No significant injuries62.53NOT ENOUGH FOR ANY TOURNEY
ArizonaSmith, Ray6.0988.0794.1688.0711/10/2015Injury, Knee, out for season
ArizonaTarczewski, Kaleb 353.5588.0790.2586.7111/29/2015Injury, Foot, expected to miss 4-6 weeks
ArizonaWith Both, or Neither96.3486.71SMITH GONE, NEED TARCZEWSKI FOR SWEET 16
Arizona St.Goodman, Savon 113.5981.2682.1678.5712/21/2015Injury, Suspension, expected to miss Tuesday vs. Stephen F. Austin - NEED HIM TO MAKE NCAA
Ark.-Pine Bluff No significant injuries56.15NOT ENOUGH FOR ANY TOURNEY
Arkansas No significant injuries81NIT TALENT IF STAY HEALTHY
Arkansas St.Golden, Cameron2.0966.2268.3166.2212/1/2015Injury, Legal problems, has been dismissed - NO TOURNEY REGARDLESS
Army No significant injuries73.69NOT ENOUGH FOR ANY TOURNEY
AuburnPurifoy, Danjel6.0076.2282.2276.2211/11/2015Injury, Eligibility, out indefinitely
AuburnDunans, TJ 42.3476.2276.4374.0912/25/2015Injury, Knee
AuburnWith Both, or Neither82.4374.09NEED BOTH TO MAKE NCAA
Austin Peay No significant injuries66.72NOT ENOUGH FOR ANY TOURNEY
Ball State No significant injuries69.1NOT ENOUGH FOR ANY TOURNEY
BaylorAcuil, Jo5.5084.9890.4884.9811/10/2015Injury, Heart, out indefinitely - NEED HIM FOR SWEET 16
Belmont No significant injuries77.23LESSER TOURNEY IF STAY HEALTHY
Bethune-Cookman No significant injuries57.55NOT ENOUGH FOR ANY TOURNEY
Binghamton-NY No significant injuries60.92NOT ENOUGH FOR ANY TOURNEY
Boise State No significant injuries79.09NIT TALENT IF STAY HEALTHY
Boston College No significant injuries71.69NOT ENOUGH FOR ANY TOURNEY
Boston U. No significant injuries69.73NOT ENOUGH FOR ANY TOURNEY
Bowling Green No significant injuries67.85NOT ENOUGH FOR ANY TOURNEY
Bradley No significant injuries61.05NOT ENOUGH FOR ANY TOURNEY
Brown No significant injuries66.41NOT ENOUGH FOR ANY TOURNEY
Bryant No significant injuries57.57NOT ENOUGH FOR ANY TOURNEY
Bucknell No significant injuries68.06NOT ENOUGH FOR ANY TOURNEY
Buffalo No significant injuries71.24NOT ENOUGH FOR ANY TOURNEY
Butler No significant injuries89.77SWEET 16 TALENT IF STAY HEALTHY
BYU No significant injuries81.79NCAA TALENT IF STAY HEALTHY
Cal Poly-SLO No significant injuries73.09NOT ENOUGH FOR ANY TOURNEY
California No significant injuries84.06NCAA TALENT IF STAY HEALTHY
Campbell No significant injuries62.93NOT ENOUGH FOR ANY TOURNEY
Canisius No significant injuries72.77NOT ENOUGH FOR ANY TOURNEY
Central Arkansas No significant injuries58.45NOT ENOUGH FOR ANY TOURNEY
Central Connecticut St.No significant injuries53.02NOT ENOUGH FOR ANY TOURNEY
Central Florida(UCF) No significant injuries71.42NOT ENOUGH FOR ANY TOURNEY
Central MichiganHibbitts, Blake3.7269.9373.6569.9311/13/2015Injury, Knee, out for season - NO TOURNEY
Charleston Southern No significant injuries63.89NOT ENOUGH FOR ANY TOURNEY
Charlotte No significant injuries63.5NOT ENOUGH FOR ANY TOURNEY
ChattanoogaJones, Casey 241.8978.579.2677.3612/12/2015Injury, Ankle, out indefinitely - NEED HIM FOR NIT
Chicago State No significant injuries60.65NOT ENOUGH FOR ANY TOURNEY
Cincinnati No significant injuries86.5NCAA TALENT IF STAY HEALTHY
Clemson No significant injuries77.2LESSER TOURNEY IF STAY HEALTHY
Cleveland State No significant injuries67.93NOT ENOUGH FOR ANY TOURNEY
Coastal Carolina No significant injuries70.16NOT ENOUGH FOR ANY TOURNEY
Colgate No significant injuries63.1NOT ENOUGH FOR ANY TOURNEY
College of CharlestonChealey, Joe1.6074.8376.4374.8311/26/2015Injury, Ankle, out for season - NEED HIM FOR ANY TOURNEY
ColoradoJohnson, Xavier2.1483.4985.6383.4911/16/2015Injury, Achilles, out indefinitely - SOLID NCAA REGARDLESS
Colorado St.Clavell, Gian 35.1973.474.3469.1512/19/2015Injury, Hand, is downgraded to out for season - NO TOURNEY
ColumbiaCohen, Isaac 21.2774.675.2473.9612/9/2015Injury, Achilles, out indefinitely - NEED FOR ANY TOURNEY
ConnecticutBrimah, Amida 354.0486.5387.2783.2212/22/2015Injury, Finger, out 6-8 weeks - IN NCAA REGARDLESS
Coppin State No significant injuries57.66NOT ENOUGH FOR ANY TOURNEY
Cornell No significant injuries64.19NOT ENOUGH FOR ANY TOURNEY
Creighton No significant injuries81.18NIT TALENT IF STAY HEALTHY
CS Bakersfield No significant injuries71.99NOT ENOUGH FOR ANY TOURNEY
CS Fullerton No significant injuries69.46NOT ENOUGH FOR ANY TOURNEY
CS Northridge No significant injuries63.44NOT ENOUGH FOR ANY TOURNEY
Dartmouth No significant injuries67.71NOT ENOUGH FOR ANY TOURNEY
Davidson No significant injuries76.35LESSER TOURNEY IF STAY HEALTHY
Dayton No significant injuries83.05NCAA TALENT IF STAY HEALTHY
DelawareCorbett, Chivarsky 122.8366.0767.7764.9411/30/2015Injury, Knee, out for season - NO TOURNEY
Delaware State No significant injuries53.15NOT ENOUGH FOR ANY TOURNEY
Denver No significant injuries69.23NOT ENOUGH FOR ANY TOURNEY
DePaul No significant injuries74.22NOT ENOUGH FOR ANY TOURNEY
Detroit No significant injuries70.55NOT ENOUGH FOR ANY TOURNEY
Drake No significant injuries70.68NOT ENOUGH FOR ANY TOURNEY
Drexel No significant injuries67.19NOT ENOUGH FOR ANY TOURNEY
DukeJefferson, Amile 215.9590.4891.5685.6112/14/2015Injury, Foot, out indefinitely - NEED FOR SWEET 16
DuquesneJones, Jeremiah 232.2974.2274.2271.9312/28/2015Injury, ACL, out for season - NO ATTORNEY
Duquesne No significant injuries74.22NOT ENOUGH FOR ANY TOURNEY
East Carolina No significant injuries73.06NOT ENOUGH FOR ANY TOURNEY
East Tennessee StateNo significant injuries68.54NOT ENOUGH FOR ANY TOURNEY
Eastern Illinois No significant injuries62.12NOT ENOUGH FOR ANY TOURNEY
Eastern Kentucky No significant injuries68.55NOT ENOUGH FOR ANY TOURNEY
Eastern Michigan No significant injuries75.17LESSER TOURNEY IF STAY HEALTHY
Eastern Washington No significant injuries68.17NOT ENOUGH FOR ANY TOURNEY
Elon No significant injuries70.56NOT ENOUGH FOR ANY TOURNEY
Evansville No significant injuries81.02NIT TALENT IF STAY HEALTHY
FairfieldGilbert, Marcus 144.0370.0170.7466.7112/4/2015Injury, Ankle - NO TOURNEY
Fairleigh Dickinson No significant injuries63.74NOT ENOUGH FOR ANY TOURNEY
Fla. International No significant injuries67.1NOT ENOUGH FOR ANY TOURNEY
Florida No significant injuries86.9NCAA TALENT IF STAY HEALTHY
Florida A&M No significant injuries52.3NOT ENOUGH FOR ANY TOURNEY
Florida Atlantic No significant injuries64.65NOT ENOUGH FOR ANY TOURNEY
Florida Gulf CoastNo significant injuries70.21NOT ENOUGH FOR ANY TOURNEY
Florida State No significant injuries83.03NCAA TALENT IF STAY HEALTHY
Fordham No significant injuries77.14LESSER TOURNEY IF STAY HEALTHY
Fort Wayne(IPFW) No significant injuries71.38NOT ENOUGH FOR ANY TOURNEY
Fresno State No significant injuries75.18LESSER TOURNEY IF STAY HEALTHY
Furman No significant injuries65.97NOT ENOUGH FOR ANY TOURNEY
Gardner-Webb No significant injuries67.51NOT ENOUGH FOR ANY TOURNEY
George MasonGujanicic, Marko 103.2470.170.8567.6112/11/2015Injury, Suspension, out indefinitely - NO TOURNEY
George Washington No significant injuries81.19NCAA TALENT IF STAY HEALTHY
Georgetown No significant injuries78.67NIT TALENT IF STAY HEALTHY
GeorgiaParker, Juwan1.1379.880.9379.8011/20/2015Injury, Achilles, out indefinitely - NIT
Georgia Southern No significant injuries62.16NOT ENOUGH FOR ANY TOURNEY
Georgia State No significant injuries77.22LESSER TOURNEY IF STAY HEALTHY
Georgia Tech No significant injuries79.84NIT TALENT IF STAY HEALTHY
GonzagaKarnowski, Przemek 241.6587.0588.0186.3612/7/2015Injury, Back, out indefinitely - NCAA
Grambling State No significant injuries53.35NOT ENOUGH FOR ANY TOURNEY
Grand Canyon No significant injuries75.61LESSER TOURNEY IF STAY HEALTHY
Green Bay No significant injuries73.58NOT ENOUGH FOR ANY TOURNEY
HamptonMeikle, Dwight2.0866.2368.3166.2312/24/2015Injury, Undisclosed, out indefinitely - NO TOURNEY
Hartford No significant injuries60.2NOT ENOUGH FOR ANY TOURNEY
Harvard No significant injuries77.85LESSER TOURNEY IF STAY HEALTHY
Hawai'i No significant injuries79.38NIT TALENT IF STAY HEALTHY
High Point No significant injuries76.33LESSER TOURNEY IF STAY HEALTHY
Hofstra No significant injuries74.57NOT ENOUGH FOR ANY TOURNEY
Holy Cross No significant injuries66.07NOT ENOUGH FOR ANY TOURNEY
Houston No significant injuries77.2LESSER TOURNEY IF STAY HEALTHY
Houston Baptist No significant injuries62.4NOT ENOUGH FOR ANY TOURNEY
HowardCollins, Damon 152.5465.9966.2263.6812/10/2015Injury, Illness
HowardDaniel, James 117.6665.9966.6959.0212/9/2015Injury, Toe, missed last game
HowardWith Both, or Neither66.9256.71NO TOURNEY
Idaho No significant injuries69.08NOT ENOUGH FOR ANY TOURNEY
Idaho State No significant injuries62.25NOT ENOUGH FOR ANY TOURNEY
IllinoisThorne, Mike 333.8475.7177.4873.6411/30/2015Injury, Knee, out for season - COST THEM ANY TOURNEY
Illinois State No significant injuries71.44NOT ENOUGH FOR ANY TOURNEY
Illinois-Chicago No significant injuries57.19NOT ENOUGH FOR ANY TOURNEY
Incarnate Word No significant injuries71.26NOT ENOUGH FOR ANY TOURNEY
IndianaBlackmon, James 14.3487.887.8083.4612/30/2015Injury, Knee, expected to miss Wednesday vs. Rutgers - NCAA REGARDLESS
Indiana State No significant injuries72.99NOT ENOUGH FOR ANY TOURNEY
IonaEnglish, AJ 58.8875.0378.5869.7012/28/2015Injury, Hand - NEED FOR ANY TOURNEY
Iowa No significant injuries88.57SWEET 16 TALENT IF STAY HEALTHY
Iowa St.Long, Naz5.0187.1792.1887.1712/18/2015Injury, Hip, out for season
Iowa St.Burton, Deonte 304.2087.1790.6786.4711/11/2015Injury, Eligibility, out indefinitely
Iowa St.With Both, or Neither95.6886.47NEED AT LEAST ONE OF THEM FOR SWEET 16
IUPUI No significant injuries65.42NOT ENOUGH FOR ANY TOURNEY
Jackson State No significant injuries68.66NOT ENOUGH FOR ANY TOURNEY
Jacksonville No significant injuries62.18NOT ENOUGH FOR ANY TOURNEY
Jacksonville St.Durham, Erik 153.8963.5864.5560.6612/30/2015Injury, Ankle, missed last game Thursday vs. SIU Edwardsville - NO TOURNEY
James Madison No significant injuries77.04LESSER TOURNEY IF STAY HEALTHY
Kansas No significant injuries93.23SWEET 16 TALENT IF STAY HEALTHY
Kansas City(UMKC) No significant injuries69.3NOT ENOUGH FOR ANY TOURNEY
Kansas State No significant injuries81.91NCAA TALENT IF STAY HEALTHY
Kennesaw State No significant injuries61.62NOT ENOUGH FOR ANY TOURNEY
Kent State No significant injuries75.25LESSER TOURNEY IF STAY HEALTHY
KentuckyBriscoe, Isaiah 132.5586.5887.0084.4612/26/2015Injury, Ankle, missed last game - NCAA
La Salle No significant injuries62.9NOT ENOUGH FOR ANY TOURNEY
Lafayette No significant injuries59.51NOT ENOUGH FOR ANY TOURNEY
Lamar No significant injuries66.15NOT ENOUGH FOR ANY TOURNEY
Lehigh No significant injuries65.56NOT ENOUGH FOR ANY TOURNEY
Liberty No significant injuries58.6NOT ENOUGH FOR ANY TOURNEY
Lipscomb No significant injuries65.28NOT ENOUGH FOR ANY TOURNEY
Little Rock No significant injuries80.67NIT TALENT IF STAY HEALTHY
Long Beach StateNo significant injuries75.62LESSER TOURNEY IF STAY HEALTHY
Long Island U.(LIU)No significant injuries65.57NOT ENOUGH FOR ANY TOURNEY
Longwood No significant injuries59.83NOT ENOUGH FOR ANY TOURNEY
Louisiana TechWhite, Joniah 51.2275.5276.2575.0312/9/2015Injury, Heart, out indefinitely
Louisiana TechDavis, Qiydar 253.9275.5277.0973.1712/9/2015Injury, MCL, expected to miss 4-6 weeks
Louisiana TechWith Both, or Neither77.8272.68NEED ONE OF THEM FOR ANY TOURNEY
Louisiana-Lafayette No significant injuries71.95NOT ENOUGH FOR ANY TOURNEY
Louisiana-Monroe No significant injuries69.62NOT ENOUGH FOR ANY TOURNEY
LouisvilleMathiang, Mangok 123.0594.6295.3292.2712/20/2015Injury, Foot, expected to miss 4-6 weeks - SWEET 16
Loyola Marymount No significant injuries69.54NOT ENOUGH FOR ANY TOURNEY
Loyola-Chicago No significant injuries69.17NOT ENOUGH FOR ANY TOURNEY
Loyola-Maryland No significant injuries64.22NOT ENOUGH FOR ANY TOURNEY
LSU No significant injuries76.96LESSER TOURNEY IF STAY HEALTHY
MaineVann, Issac 235.2158.1561.4756.2512/25/2015Injury, Ankle, out indefinitely - NON TOURNEY
Manhattan No significant injuries62.33NOT ENOUGH FOR ANY TOURNEY
Marist No significant injuries63.17NOT ENOUGH FOR ANY TOURNEY
Marquette No significant injuries78.16LESSER TOURNEY IF STAY HEALTHY
Marshall No significant injuries69.44NOT ENOUGH FOR ANY TOURNEY
MarylandWiley, Dion1.8087.3289.1287.3211/11/2015Injury, Knee, out for season - NEED FOR SWEET 16
Massachusetts No significant injuries73.88NOT ENOUGH FOR ANY TOURNEY
McNeese State No significant injuries62.38NOT ENOUGH FOR ANY TOURNEY
Md.-Eastern Shore(UMES) No significant injuries60.84NOT ENOUGH FOR ANY TOURNEY
Memphis No significant injuries80.04NIT TALENT IF STAY HEALTHY
Mercer No significant injuries74.16NOT ENOUGH FOR ANY TOURNEY
Miami-Ohio No significant injuries69.6NOT ENOUGH FOR ANY TOURNEY
Michigan No significant injuries87.93NCAA TALENT IF STAY HEALTHY
Michigan St.Valentine, Denzel 458.6887.9388.6079.9112/21/2015Injury, Knee, expected to miss 2-4 weeks - NEED FOR SWEET 16
Middle TennesseePotts, Giddy 207.8477.6179.1871.3412/27/2015Injury, Academics, is downgraded to expected to miss Sunday vs. South Dakota St - NEED FOR NIT, NO TOURNEY WITHOUT HIM
Milwaukee No significant injuries75.59LESSER TOURNEY IF STAY HEALTHY
Minnesota No significant injuries72.82NOT ENOUGH FOR ANY TOURNEY
Mississippi No significant injuries77.62LESSER TOURNEY IF STAY HEALTHY
Mississippi StHouston, Demetrius2.2675.3577.6175.3511/18/2015Injury, Suspension, out indefinitely - OTHER TOURNEY
Missouri No significant injuries74.05NOT ENOUGH FOR ANY TOURNEY
Missouri State No significant injuries67.33NOT ENOUGH FOR ANY TOURNEY
Monmouth-NJ No significant injuries80.32NIT TALENT IF STAY HEALTHY
Montana No significant injuries70.37NOT ENOUGH FOR ANY TOURNEY
Montana State No significant injuries66.23NOT ENOUGH FOR ANY TOURNEY
Morehead State No significant injuries75.73LESSER TOURNEY IF STAY HEALTHY
Morgan State No significant injuries60.67NOT ENOUGH FOR ANY TOURNEY
Mount St. Mary'sNo significant injuries63.64NOT ENOUGH FOR ANY TOURNEY
Murray St.Flomo, Kedrick1.5270.2771.7970.2711/19/2015Injury, Heart, out for season - NO TOURNEY
MVSU(Miss. Valley St.)No significant injuries54.9NOT ENOUGH FOR ANY TOURNEY
Navy No significant injuries69.83NOT ENOUGH FOR ANY TOURNEY
NC A&T No significant injuries59.52NOT ENOUGH FOR ANY TOURNEY
NC Asheville No significant injuries74.05NOT ENOUGH FOR ANY TOURNEY
NC Central No significant injuries62.76NOT ENOUGH FOR ANY TOURNEY
NC State No significant injuries78.75NIT TALENT IF STAY HEALTHY
NC Wilmington No significant injuries79.09NIT TALENT IF STAY HEALTHY
Nebraska No significant injuries77.03LESSER TOURNEY IF STAY HEALTHY
NevadaWest, AJ 31.4873.3673.6672.1812/17/2015Injury, Personal, has left team - NO TOURNEY
New Hampshire No significant injuries64.86NOT ENOUGH FOR ANY TOURNEY
New Mexico No significant injuries77.23LESSER TOURNEY IF STAY HEALTHY
New Mexico StateNo significant injuries75.25LESSER TOURNEY IF STAY HEALTHY
New Orleans No significant injuries64.13NOT ENOUGH FOR ANY TOURNEY
Niagara No significant injuries62.88NOT ENOUGH FOR ANY TOURNEY
Nicholls State No significant injuries57.61NOT ENOUGH FOR ANY TOURNEY
NJITWillis, Winfield 112.9070.5171.3068.4012/20/2015Injury, Undisclosed - NO TOURNEY
Norfolk State No significant injuries68.48NOT ENOUGH FOR ANY TOURNEY
North CarolinaPaige, Marcus 55.9590.3593.0987.15Returned injury
North CarolinaMeeks, Kennedy 34.9390.3591.8786.9412/15/2015Injury, Knee, out indefinitely
North CarolinaWith Both, or Neither94.6183.73NEED ONE OF THEM FOR SWEET 16
North Carolina St.Henderson, Terry2.1578.7580.9078.7511/15/2015Injury, Ankle, expected to miss 6-8 weeks - NEED FOR NIT
North DakotaHooker, Quinton 217.3063.8964.8057.5012/30/2015Injury, Foot, missed last game Thursday vs. Idaho U - NO TOURNEY
North Dakota StateNo significant injuries72.01NOT ENOUGH FOR ANY TOURNEY
North Florida(UNF) No significant injuries73.26NOT ENOUGH FOR ANY TOURNEY
North Texas No significant injuries62.97NOT ENOUGH FOR ANY TOURNEY
Northeastern No significant injuries76.54LESSER TOURNEY IF STAY HEALTHY
Northern Arizona No significant injuries57.67NOT ENOUGH FOR ANY TOURNEY
Northern Colorado No significant injuries60.02NOT ENOUGH FOR ANY TOURNEY
Northern IllinoisBowie, Darrell1.7071.8773.5771.8712/3/2015Injury, Shoulder, out indefinitely - NO TOURNEY
Northern Iowa No significant injuries79.11NIT TALENT IF STAY HEALTHY
Northern Kentucky No significant injuries66.98NOT ENOUGH FOR ANY TOURNEY
NorthwesternLaw, Vic3.5682.5786.1382.5711/11/2015Injury, Shoulder, out for season
NorthwesternOlah, Alex 224.0782.5782.8878.8112/27/2015Injury, Foot, out indefinitely
NorthwesternWith Both, or Neither86.4478.81NEED ONE FOR NCAA
Northwestern St.West, Jalan 129.8462.0670.2660.4211/14/2015Injury, ACL, out for season - BIGGEST LOSS OF ANY TEAM, NO TOURNEY
Notre Dame No significant injuries83.18NCAA TALENT IF STAY HEALTHY
Oakland-Mich. No significant injuries79.74NIT TALENT IF STAY HEALTHY
Ohio No significant injuries74.44NOT ENOUGH FOR ANY TOURNEY
Ohio State No significant injuries80.17NIT TALENT IF STAY HEALTHY
Oklahoma No significant injuries92.42SWEET 16 TALENT IF STAY HEALTHY
Oklahoma St.Forte, Phil 131.1177.6978.5077.3912/1/2015Injury, Elbow, out indefinitely - NEED FOR NIT
Old Dominion No significant injuries79.53NIT TALENT IF STAY HEALTHY
Omaha(Neb.-Omaha) No significant injuries74.76NOT ENOUGH FOR ANY TOURNEY
Oral Roberts No significant injuries71.19NOT ENOUGH FOR ANY TOURNEY
OregonEnnis, Dylan4.6483.6788.3183.6711/10/2015Injury, Foot, out indefinitely - NEED FOR SWEET 16
Oregon State No significant injuries80.33NIT TALENT IF STAY HEALTHY
PacificThompson, Eric1.6966.7168.4066.7111/28/2015Injury, Suspension, out indefinitely - NO TOURNEY
Penn State No significant injuries74.35NOT ENOUGH FOR ANY TOURNEY
Pennsylvania No significant injuries64.42NOT ENOUGH FOR ANY TOURNEY
Pepperdine No significant injuries74.59NOT ENOUGH FOR ANY TOURNEY
Pittsburgh No significant injuries88.18NCAA TALENT IF STAY HEALTHY
Portland No significant injuries71.61NOT ENOUGH FOR ANY TOURNEY
Portland State No significant injuries65.36NOT ENOUGH FOR ANY TOURNEY
Prairie View A&MNo significant injuries56.5NOT ENOUGH FOR ANY TOURNEY
Presbyterian College No significant injuries58.68NOT ENOUGH FOR ANY TOURNEY
PrincetonBrase, Hans3.4477.0580.4977.0511/20/2015Injury, Knee, out for season - NEED FOR NIT
ProvidenceFazekas, Ryan 352.9081.9882.8779.9812/11/2015Injury, Mononucleosis, out indefinitely
ProvidenceDunn, Kris 37.8581.9883.1975.34Returned Flu
ProvidenceWith Both, or Neither84.0873.33NEED ONE OF THEM FOR NCAA
Purdue No significant injuries93.13SWEET 16 TALENT IF STAY HEALTHY
Quinnipiac No significant injuries64.8NOT ENOUGH FOR ANY TOURNEY
Radford No significant injuries71.03NOT ENOUGH FOR ANY TOURNEY
Rhode IslandIverson, Kuran 231.4880.0880.0878.6012/30/2015Injury, Ankle, doubtful Wednesday vs. Brown
Rhode IslandMartin, Hassan 125.9280.0880.0874.1612/23/2015Injury, Ankle, out indefinitely
Rhode IslandWith Both, or Neither80.0872.67NEED ONE OF THEM FOR NIT
RiceJackson, Marcus3.5664.0167.5764.0111/16/2015Injury, Knee, out indefinitely - NO TOURNEY
Richmond No significant injuries79.95NIT TALENT IF STAY HEALTHY
Rider No significant injuries69.05NOT ENOUGH FOR ANY TOURNEY
Robert Morris No significant injuries62.48NOT ENOUGH FOR ANY TOURNEY
RutgersDiallo, Ibrahima6.8066.3473.1466.3412/19/2015Injury, Foot, out indefinitely
RutgersFreeman, Deshawn 332.9666.3467.6964.7312/11/2015Injury, Knee, out indefinitely
RutgersWith Both, or Neither74.4964.73Team with two injuries - NO TOURNEY
Sacramento State No significant injuries70.98NOT ENOUGH FOR ANY TOURNEY
Sacred Heart No significant injuries61.39NOT ENOUGH FOR ANY TOURNEY
Saint Francis-Pa. No significant injuries64.4NOT ENOUGH FOR ANY TOURNEY
Saint Joseph's-Pa. No significant injuries78.86NIT TALENT IF STAY HEALTHY
Saint Louis No significant injuries68.77NOT ENOUGH FOR ANY TOURNEY
Saint Mary's-Cal. No significant injuries88.54SWEET 16 TALENT IF STAY HEALTHY
Saint Peter's No significant injuries67.34NOT ENOUGH FOR ANY TOURNEY
Sam Houston StateNo significant injuries67.34NOT ENOUGH FOR ANY TOURNEY
Samford No significant injuries71.62NOT ENOUGH FOR ANY TOURNEY
San Diego No significant injuries65.09NOT ENOUGH FOR ANY TOURNEY
San Diego St.Shrigley, Matt3.2479.7182.9579.7111/13/2015Injury, Knee, out indefinitely - NEED FOR NCAA
San Francisco No significant injuries66.98NOT ENOUGH FOR ANY TOURNEY
San Jose StateNo significant injuries62.53NOT ENOUGH FOR ANY TOURNEY
Santa Clara No significant injuries67.42NOT ENOUGH FOR ANY TOURNEY
Savannah State No significant injuries58.03NOT ENOUGH FOR ANY TOURNEY
SC State No significant injuries61.86NOT ENOUGH FOR ANY TOURNEY
SE Louisiana No significant injuries61.67NOT ENOUGH FOR ANY TOURNEY
SE Missouri State(SEMO)No significant injuries59.4NOT ENOUGH FOR ANY TOURNEY
Seattle No significant injuries64.85NOT ENOUGH FOR ANY TOURNEY
Seton Hall No significant injuries80.92NIT TALENT IF STAY HEALTHY
Siena No significant injuries74.74NOT ENOUGH FOR ANY TOURNEY
SIU-Edwardsville No significant injuries64.73NOT ENOUGH FOR ANY TOURNEY
SMUEmelogu, Ben1.9591.3493.2991.3411/12/2015Injury, Knee, out for season - SWEET 16 BUT FOR PROBATION
South Alabama No significant injuries66.99NOT ENOUGH FOR ANY TOURNEY
South Carolina No significant injuries83.92NCAA TALENT IF STAY HEALTHY
South Dakota No significant injuries69.51NOT ENOUGH FOR ANY TOURNEY
South Dakota St.Marshall, George 116.4881.1184.3577.8712/8/2015Injury, Foot, expected to miss Sunday vs. Middle Tenn St
South Dakota St.Bittle, Jake 43.6281.1182.0278.3912/27/2015Injury, Undisclosed, expected to miss 2-3 weeks
South Dakota St.With Both, or Neither85.2575.16NEED ONE FOR NCAA
South Florida No significant injuries65NOT ENOUGH FOR ANY TOURNEY
Southern Illinois No significant injuries76.19LESSER TOURNEY IF STAY HEALTHY
Southern MissCarey, Norville2.3462.9665.3062.9611/28/2015Injury, Redshirt, out for season - NO TOURNEY
Southern U. No significant injuries70.81NOT ENOUGH FOR ANY TOURNEY
Southern Utah No significant injuries59.77NOT ENOUGH FOR ANY TOURNEY
St. Bonaventure No significant injuries75.16LESSER TOURNEY IF STAY HEALTHY
St. Francis-NY No significant injuries61.78NOT ENOUGH FOR ANY TOURNEY
St. JohnsLoVett, Marcus2.0968.0570.1468.0511/12/2015Injury, Eligibility, out for season - NO TOURNEY
StanfordTravis, Reid 222.3179.8380.2977.9812/20/2015Injury, Leg, out indefinitely - NEED FOR NIT
Stephen F. AustinNo significant injuries70.49NOT ENOUGH FOR ANY TOURNEY
Stetson No significant injuries60.51NOT ENOUGH FOR ANY TOURNEY
Stony Brook-NY No significant injuries78.92NIT TALENT IF STAY HEALTHY
Syracuse No significant injuries79.71NIT TALENT IF STAY HEALTHY
TCUWashburn, Chris5.5075.0680.5675.0611/20/2015Injury, Finger, out indefinitely
TCUWilliams, Kenrich6.0175.0681.0775.0611/10/2015Injury, Knee, out for season
TCUWith Both, or Neither86.5775.06Team with two injuries - NEEDED BOTH FOR NCAA, BUT NEED WASHBURN FOR NIT
Temple No significant injuries75.73LESSER TOURNEY IF STAY HEALTHY
TennesseeMcGhee, Jabari 211.2978.1178.6977.4112/18/2015Injury, Personal, left the team - NEED FOR NIT
Tennessee St.Mekowulu, Christian1.5268.6570.1768.6511/13/2015Injury, Knee, out for season - NO TOURNEY
Tennessee Tech No significant injuries69.85NOT ENOUGH FOR ANY TOURNEY
Tennessee-Martin No significant injuries66.32NOT ENOUGH FOR ANY TOURNEY
TexasRidley, Cameron 554.9283.6783.6778.7512/28/2015Injury, Foot, out indefinitely - NEED FOR NCAA
Texas A&MRobinson, Alex2.0187.7489.7587.7411/17/2015Injury, Personal, left the team
Texas A&MCaruso, Alex 213.5887.7487.7484.1611/10/2015Injury, Forearm, out for season
Texas A&MWith Both, or Neither89.7584.16NEED BOTH FOR SWEET 16
Texas A&M-CorpusChristi No significant injuries71.9NOT ENOUGH FOR ANY TOURNEY
Texas Southern No significant injuries65.88NOT ENOUGH FOR ANY TOURNEY
Texas State No significant injuries68.92NOT ENOUGH FOR ANY TOURNEY
Texas Tech No significant injuries82.53NCAA TALENT IF STAY HEALTHY
Texas-Arlington No significant injuries81.34NCAA TALENT IF STAY HEALTHY
The Citadel No significant injuries57.96NOT ENOUGH FOR ANY TOURNEY
Toledo No significant injuries76.4LESSER TOURNEY IF STAY HEALTHY
Towson No significant injuries70.49NOT ENOUGH FOR ANY TOURNEY
Troy No significant injuries67.89NOT ENOUGH FOR ANY TOURNEY
Tulane No significant injuries70.72NOT ENOUGH FOR ANY TOURNEY
Tulsa No significant injuries78.83NIT TALENT IF STAY HEALTHY
UAB No significant injuries76.71LESSER TOURNEY IF STAY HEALTHY
UC Davis No significant injuries67.21NOT ENOUGH FOR ANY TOURNEY
UC Irvine No significant injuries77.94LESSER TOURNEY IF STAY HEALTHY
UC Riverside No significant injuries69.52NOT ENOUGH FOR ANY TOURNEY
UC Santa BarbaraNo significant injuries73.83NOT ENOUGH FOR ANY TOURNEY
UCLA No significant injuries81.28NCAA TALENT IF STAY HEALTHY
UMass Lowell No significant injuries61.26NOT ENOUGH FOR ANY TOURNEY
UMBC No significant injuries59.91NOT ENOUGH FOR ANY TOURNEY
UNC GreensboroSaddler, Tevon1.8163.965.7163.9011/28/2015Injury, Personal, has left team - NO TOURNEY
UNLVZimmerman, Stephen 332.9980.6881.3778.3812/29/2015Injury, Thigh, is upgraded to probable Wednesday vs. Fresno State - NEED FOR NCAA
USCJacobs, Julian 124.8984.9686.0981.2012/23/2015Injury, Achilles
USCBoatwright, Bennie 253.7080.6885.2481.5512/23/2015Injury, Back
USCWith Both, or Neither86.3777.79NEED AT LEAST ONE OF THEM FOR NCAA
USC Upstate No significant injuries58.64NOT ENOUGH FOR ANY TOURNEY
UtahOgbe, Kenneth 251.6783.5984.5682.9012/19/2015Injury, Hip - NCAA
Utah St.Collette, David7.0474.8181.8574.8111/12/2015Injury, Personal, quit the team - NEED FOR NCAA
Utah ValleyNelson, Zach1.6062.3363.9362.3312/22/2015Injury, Undisclosed, out for season - NO TOURNEY
UTEP No significant injuries69.95NOT ENOUGH FOR ANY TOURNEY
UTRGV No significant injuries57.18NOT ENOUGH FOR ANY TOURNEY
UTSA No significant injuries54.95NOT ENOUGH FOR ANY TOURNEY
Valparaiso No significant injuries82.82NCAA TALENT IF STAY HEALTHY
VanderbiltJustice, Camron 01.9091.3492.2090.3012/6/2015Injury, Groin, expected to miss 4 weeks
VanderbiltKornet, Luke 34.4591.3492.5588.1012/10/2015Injury, Knee, expected to miss 4-6 weeks
VanderbiltWith Both, or Neither93.4287.07SWEET 16 REGARDLESS
VCUNo significant injuries81.4NCAA TALENT IF STAY HEALTHY
VermontWills, Dre 246.2771.7675.4269.1512/24/2015Injury, Suspension, eligible to return Jan 18
VermontSteidl, Kurt 343.6371.7672.0668.4311/25/2015Injury, Ankle
VermontWith Both, or Neither75.7265.82Team with two injuries - NEED WILLS FOR ANY TOURNEY
VillanovaJenkins, Kris 23.6090.5190.5186.9112/30/2015Injury, Knee Thursday vs. Xavier - NEED FOR SWEET 16
Virginia No significant injuries91.27SWEET 16 TALENT IF STAY HEALTHY
Virginia TechHill, Ahmed1.5077.6379.1377.6311/10/2015Injury, Thigh, out indefinitely
Virginia TechClarke, Chris 152.7577.6377.8675.1112/28/2015Injury, Foot, out indefinitely
Virginia TechWith Both, or Neither79.3675.11NEED BOTH FOR NIT
VMI No significant injuries63.75NOT ENOUGH FOR ANY TOURNEY
Wagner No significant injuries67.74NOT ENOUGH FOR ANY TOURNEY
Wake Forest No significant injuries76.57LESSER TOURNEY IF STAY HEALTHY
Washington No significant injuries80.02NIT TALENT IF STAY HEALTHY
Washington State No significant injuries75.79LESSER TOURNEY IF STAY HEALTHY
Weber State No significant injuries75.51LESSER TOURNEY IF STAY HEALTHY
West Virginia No significant injuries92.05SWEET 16 TALENT IF STAY HEALTHY
Western Carolina No significant injuries70.21NOT ENOUGH FOR ANY TOURNEY
Western Illinois No significant injuries68.84NOT ENOUGH FOR ANY TOURNEY
Western KentuckyHarrison-Docks, Chris 511.7474.3874.5472.8012/22/2015Injury, Suspension - NEED FOR TOURNEY
Western MichiganTava, Connar3.0771.1674.2371.1612/21/2015Injury, Foot, out for season - NO TOURNEY
Wichita St.Shamet, Landry 115.9682.4687.2381.2711/25/2015Injury, Foot, expected to miss 10-12 weeks
Wichita St.VanVleet, Fred 234.2182.4683.7279.51Returned
Wichita St.With Both, or Neither88.4978.32NEED BOTH FOR SWEET 16
William & Mary No significant injuries78.31NIT TALENT IF STAY HEALTHY
Winthrop No significant injuries68.75NOT ENOUGH FOR ANY TOURNEY
WisconsinDearring, Riley2.4379.3981.8279.3912/14/2015Injury, Personal, has left team
WisconsinPritzl, Brevin3.2179.3982.6079.3912/4/2015Injury, Foot, out indefinitely
WisconsinWith Both, or Neither85.0379.39Team with two injuries - NIT
Wofford No significant injuries67.96NOT ENOUGH FOR ANY TOURNEY
Wright St.Mitchell, Justin 51.5769.7770.4868.9112/22/2015Injury, Ankle - NO TOURNEY
Wyoming No significant injuries71.37NOT ENOUGH FOR ANY TOURNEY
Xavier-Ohio No significant injuries91.41SWEET 16 TALENT IF STAY HEALTHY
Yale No significant injuries78.72NIT TALENT IF STAY HEALTHY
Youngstown State No significant injuries64.82NOT ENOUGH FOR ANY TOURNEY

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